5 Reasons to Upgrade to an L-Shaped Standing Desk

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Are you considering to upgrade your old office desk to an ergonomic standing desk? Canada has been seeing a rise in the use of standing desks in many offices, a move being done to improve overall population health and workplace productivity. If you’re considering joining many of the individuals who have made the shift, you’re on the right track towards a healthier living!

And now that you’re looking into standing desks in Canada, you may have encountered the L-shaped standing desk, an ergonomic solution that offers a wide array of benefits to those who are looking for more from their workspace.

motiongrey l shaped standing desk

Think the L-shaped standing desk is for you? Check out the benefits!

An L-shaped standing desk will give you increased area to work in

Needless to say, this type of standing desk can do more than your regular rectangular desk. It offers a wider surface area that can hold all your office equipment and materials—your computer monitors (maybe even two), your printer, your files, even your favorite potted office plant. In general, L-shaped standing desks can also hold more weight than your regular desks. For instance, the MotionGrey L-shaped desk can carry up to 300lbs of weight. This desk can do more for you!

An L-shaped standing desk will allow multitasking with ease

While the desk can do more for you, it will also allow you to do more! If your job requires you to multitask and juggle different types of work all at the same time, an L-shaped desk will make organization easy by allowing you to designate separate areas for different types of work. All computer work can be done on one side, all creative work on the other—it’s easy to be productive with a desk setup like this.

An L-shaped standing desk will add flexibility to a space

You might think that the bigger size of the desk will make it more difficult to organize in a room, but that is actually the opposite. This ergonomic standing desk is pretty versatile, and it makes rearranging a room easy. Place it against the corner of a room if you have limited space? That is possible. Install it somewhere in the center of a room to divide the space and create specific areas? You can do that, too! Whether you have a big or a small space, the L-shaped standing desk works.

An L-shaped standing desk is perfect for dynamics work environments

Does your work require a lot of collaboration? Does it require a certain number of items to be within easy reach to you for most of the time? Do you have a busy workstation that sees a lot of movement, whether physically or mentally? An L-shaped desk is perfect for this type of working environment. The open space allows for easy collaboration, and the extra surface area allows for keeping everything you need close to you. For demanding work environments, you can trust the L-shaped desk to be an excellent partner.

An L-shaped standing desk provides the same health benefits of a regular standing desk

Despite the increased surface area and the added weight, you can be assured that the adjustability of the desk remains at par with that of regular standing desks, if not better. For instance, despite being able to carry a heavy amount of load, the MotionGrey L-shaped desk remains capable of moving at a speedy rate of 1.5” per second. It also operates quietly at 45dB. Fast adjustment means you can shift between sitting and standing with ease, while the quiet operation means you can stay focused on your task without any distraction.

motiongrey l shaped standing desk

Are you thrilled about all the benefits of an L-shaped standing desk? It’s time to consider getting this upgrade! If you want to learn more about all the amazing features of this ergonomic standing desk, check out the MotionGrey L-shaped standing desk. High quality, excellent capability, and premium aesthetics—you’re in for a real treat!

Check our standing desk catalog and make the shift today!

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