Back to Basics: What is an Ergonomic Desk?

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If you’ve been reading some of our previous blog posts, you likely have an idea about the things we’re passionate about—health, movement, and ergonomic solutions that bring great results in terms of breaking sedentary habits, and the prevention of all the health risks associated with them. And, you know that we talk quite a lot here about ergonomic standing desks. Canada offices have started to fully adopt the idea of ergonomic spaces, and many have already upgraded their workspaces with these ergonomic desks.

But, if you have just arrived here and you’re new to the idea of ergonomics, this post is for you. You might be asking—what is an ergonomic desk and what makes standing desks so popular today? Well, read on to find out more.

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What Makes Ergonomic Desks the Technological Wonder that They Are?

Before we go into ergonomic desks, let us take a look at what ergonomics is. Merriam Webster defines ergonomics as: “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”.

The keywords here are efficiently and safely. Ergonomics is all about creating a workspace that is conducive to a person using it, a space that will help him to be healthy and productive. And, here at MotionGrey, we recognize the reality that one of the biggest things that prevent an individual from reaching these two states is sedentary lifestyle. This especially relates to the prolonged sitting that most office workers and employees are subject to on a daily basis, glued to their computer with very little opportunity for movement.

This is the problem each ergonomic desk is designed to address—to combat prolonged sitting by encouraging individuals to stand more. A standing desk is designed to make it easy. The key? Adjustability.

What separates ergonomic or standing desks from regular desks is their capability for height adjustment. Most of these desks are operated by a motor and controlled by a keypad. The motor powers the desk to allow it to move between heights, from sitting to standing height. You can preset and save your preferred height on the memory keypad and, next time you need to shift from sitting to standing, just press one button on the keypad to power the desk to move to your preset height.

By doing this, it’s easy for all ergonomic desk users to constantly alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, keeping their muscles engaged, their body moving, and their mind alert and focused.

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Ending the Era of Sedentary Living with an Ergonomic Standing Desk

Is the ergonomic desk the ultimate solution against sedentary lifestyle? It’s important to understand that it is not the end-all be-all cure for sedentary living—it’s one way to address it, and a good way to start a lifestyle shift at work. But, make sure you find other ways to add movement to your day. Exercise. Walk or run. Do stretches in your workstation. All of these contribute towards breaking your sedentary habits.

Are you ready to invest in an ergonomic desk for your workspace? Check our catalog of standing desks and find the one that will fit your needs best.

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