How to Stop Bum Sweat on Chairs: 5 Practical Tips that Work

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Bothered by the constant sweating on your buttocks when you sit on your chair working for too long? You’re not alone, and more importantly, this is normal. Bum sweat is common in warm environments, especially during the summer when humidity is high. There are sweat glands in specific parts of the body, and your buttocks have them, too—thus it is prone to sweating.

The problem with bum sweat goes beyond discomfort; it can actually cause skin problems as well as conditions brought by germs that thrive in damp environments. But how do you stop bum sweat on chairs? There are things you can do to minimize the condition.

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Effective Ways to Stop Bum Sweat on Chairs

Try any or some of the following tips:

Wear the right clothing

When it comes to the right clothing, this means the right material and the right fit. Choose clothing that has a breathable and highly absorbent quality, one that will not trap air and instead allow it to flow freely to prevent sweat build-up. Some of the most effective materials for this are cotton and linen. Apart from material, look into the design as well—avoid tight fitting clothes when working in warm environments, as they can trap moisture. Instead, choose loose clothing.

Allow the air in your space to circulate properly

Humidity can be a source of discomfort, especially when you have to focus on work and cannot because of all the sweating. You can combat humidity in different ways—by using dehumidifiers in your space, by turning on the airconditioning or your fan, or (if the weather allows it) by opening some windows to let air in and allow it to circulate around your space.

Don’t sit in one position for too long

One of the ways to stop bum sweat on your chair is to keep changing your sitting position once in a while. As earlier mentioned, sweating can be triggered by trapping heat in and around your body, and that can easily happen if you stay seated in one position for too long without moving. That is the reason it’s important to keep changing position on your chair. Apart from preventing bum sweat, this will also allow you to correct your sitting posture.

Stand more

Apart from not sitting in one position for too long, it will also benefit you to not sit for too long at all—for the same reason of allowing air to circulate around your body and preventing sweat buildup around your buttocks area. Get an adjustable ergonomic standing desk. This will help you to easily alternate between sitting and standing as you work throughout the day. By doing so, you keep air flowing freely around you, all while also keeping your body moving—beneficial in so many ways.

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Use mesh chairs instead of leather chairs

Mesh chairs are breathable because of the materials used in their crafting, so they are ideal for use in warm and humid environments. If you are still using a leather chair in your workstation, it’s time to consider letting it go. As much as leather chair gives a space a premium vibe, it can trap a huge amount of heat and can cause excessing bum sweating. Replace it with a high-quality mesh chair. The right one can provide the same amount of support for your back, all while keeping you cool and comfortable.

So, how to stop bum sweat on chairs? You probably can’t get away from it entirely, but you can minimize it and make yourself more comfortable as you work. Take note of the steps above to help you stay cool and chill on your chair.

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