5 Ways a Standing Desk Helps You Improve Your Quality of Life

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Ergonomics has slowly taken a center spot when it comes to conversations about health in the workplace, and there is a lot of information you will find about this—from policies involving workplace design and injury prevention to massive statistics about costs involved in treating conditions related to ergonomics (or the lack of it). While the concept may seem complicated, when you drill down to the basics of ergonomics, you will find that you can actually design your space to make it ergonomic and healthy. In Canada, standing desks are making it easier for individuals to live healthier lives. You can, too.

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Adding a Standing Desk in Your Space—Here’s Why You Must Do It

“Being glued to your computer” is a real dilemma in today’s time. And the sad truth is that, for most people, there is no other lifestyle option—their work entails that they sit on their chair and type on their computer for 8 hours or more a day because it’s the job they signed up for.

However, there is light for many employees who find themselves in this situation. By replacing traditional furniture at work with ergonomic alternatives, you can break the habit and live a healthier life. Consider the electric standing desk, one of the “rising” ergonomic furniture now found in many workplaces and home offices.

In Canada, a sit stand desk is defined as a desk that can move across different heights to allow its users to work while sitting or standing, and the desired height can be easily set with the keypad found on each desk. If you’re still wondering what the benefits are for you, take a look at these:

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Standing desks will allow you to move more

It’s time to break your sedentary habits. Instead of sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours straight, alternate between sitting and standing every hour or few minutes. When you stand, different muscles in your body simultaneously work to keep you upright, from your leg muscles to your abdomen. This keeps the muscles active and your circulation healthy, so you can say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle and start moving more.

Standing desks prevent back pain and other body pains

Back pain is the most common symptom people feel when they are sitting too long. When you’re too focused on your computer and stay seated for a long time, barely moving, your circulation suffers and your muscles cramp. This is the reason people feel back pain, strain on their shoulders and neck, and leg cramps after long days at work. You can easily prevent this by moving and standing more, and a stand-up desk will make that easy.

Standing desks prevent long-term health risks

Apart from body pains, some of the more serious health risks associated with prolonged sitting are increased blood sugar levels, higher level of blood fat, and high cholesterol levels. Over time, this can lead to serious illness like diabetes and heart problems. By alternating between sitting and standing and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you can prevent these conditions early on. Investing in a standing desk is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a break from sitting.

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Standing more keeps your energy high

The secret behind the extra energy you get when standing is in the improved circulation in your body. The more you stand and keep your muscles active as you balance on two feet, blood and oxygen continue to flow throughout your body, giving you the energy you need so you can combat sleepiness and low energy throughout the day.

Standing helps you focus and be more productive

In relation to the above point, the increased circulation you get when you stand and move more will also help you become more alert throughout the day, helping you gain concentration that is so important when finishing a task, resulting in an overall increase in productivity. So if you feel distracted, unable to focus, consider standing and moving. A standing desk will make that easy.

If you live in Canada, standing desks are very accessible to you. You will find options ranging from higher-range desks like the Effy desks to mid- and lower-range high-quality desks like the Motion Series desks. You can browse our standing desk catalog to find high-quality options and begin the journey of quitting your sedentary habits and start moving more.

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