Standing Desk Guide: Why Choose the German Bosch Motor?

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If you have finally decided to upgrade your traditional desk to an electric standing desk, congratulations! You’re on your way to a healthier, happier 2023! The next step would be to choose the right desk, and the first thing to check would be the desk features. Start with what powers the desk—its motor. And when it comes to a standing desk motor, there is no better choice than the German Bosch Motor.

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What is a standing desk motor and why choose the Bosch Motor?

In Canada, standing desks are preferred because of their adjustability and ease of use. While traditional desks are fixed in height, standing desks can be easily adjusted from a sitting height to a standing height, and back. And, it’s the standing desk motor that provides it with this power and capability. The motor enables the desk to smoothly move up or down with just a press of a button, all while handling all the weight you have on the desk—from your computer and other work materials.

Why choose the German Bosch motor? The answer is power.

The best standing desk in Canada will be able to do the following:

  • Move up or down fast when you press the button and select your preferred desk height—the faster, the better
  • Handle all the weight on the desk without wobbling even on its top height
  • Move up or down without creating so much noise

All three capabilities depend on the quality of the motor that is powering the desk, and the one from Bosch is the leading motor in the market so far.

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A closer look at the Bosch Standing Desk Motor

This motor is engineered by the German company Bosch, Europe’s largest manufacturer of auto parts and one of the world’s leading IoT solutions providers. The company engineers products and solutions for a variety of industry applications, including solutions in the field of ergonomics. This powerful motor is currently found in select standing desks in the Canada market, and it has created an exclusive breed of desks that are powerful and efficient.

In Canada, a standing desk will have either a single motor or a dual motor. Each type has its pros and cons, but dual-motor standing desks are generally preferred over single-motor desks because they can carry more weight, are faster to respond, and are more stable as they move. Meanwhile, standing desks with single-motor design are lower in cost and may be a good choice if you don’t have a lot of weight to handle in your desk.

For a more detailed comparison of a dual-motor standing desk and single-motor standing desk, you may check one of our previous blog posts: Review: Standing Desk Motor – Single Motor vs. Dual Motor

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Why choose a Bosch Standing Desk Motor?

The Bosch motor found in most standing desks is the dual variety, and it is the same type we have underneath each MotionGrey standing desk. As a power source, the standing desk motor from Bosch offers the following advantages:

Sturdy and Stable

The key differentiator of a standing desk from its peers is its ability to handle all the weight placed on the desk, and the Bosch motor does not disappoint. For the MotionGrey desk, it offers a weight lifting capacity of up to 230lbs—able to carry your computer, maybe a second monitor, including the CPU and other stuff you need your desk to handle.

And while most desks suffer from wobbling as they reach their topmost height, the Bosch standing desk motor ensures that the desk is sturdy and stable at all heights as long as the weight does not exceed capacity.

Fast and Efficient

As your desk carries all the weight you have in it, you want it to also move fast throughout height shifts. The MotionGrey desk can move at a speed of 1.5”/sec, thanks to the fast response rate of its standing desk motor.

Whisper Quiet Movement

You want your desk movement to be smooth, but also to be quiet so it doesn’t disrupt you or interrupt your thought process as you work. Compared to some desks that operate at above 50 decibels, the MotionGrey desk only produces about 45dB of sound as it moves—no interruption, only smooth operation!

Reliable and Longer Lasting

Each motor underneath our MotionGrey desks carries the Bosch quality that has made it a leading solutions provider around the world. It can handle heavy loads and stringent working conditions without breaking, and it has a longer lifespan compared to other motors. In fact, each MotionGrey standing desk carries up to 8 years of warranty, one of the longer warranties in the market.

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Why choose the MotionGrey Standing Desk?

We have outlined the advantages of the Bosch standing desk motor over its competitors. And when paired with the high quality that comes with the engineering of every MotionGrey desk, you get a product that will give you years of reliable service and help you live a healthier, fuller life.

Quality Guaranteed

You can be sure that each MotionGrey desk is operated by a powerful motor that makes it one of the highest quality desks you will find out there. The motor is paired with a strong and sturdy standing desk frame, as well as a high-quality and stylish table top (handcrafted and personalized option available). What you get is years of durability and reliability like no other.

Reasonable Price

The Bosch name may be a leading name worldwide, but you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t have a high price tag attached to it, especially not in our standing desks. We at MotionGrey believe that our solutions must be accessible to as many users as possible, and we offer the MotionGrey standing desks in the low-range to mid-range price—they come with the power and reliability you need without the high cost.

Why choose standing desks with unspecified motor manufacturers when you can go for desks that carry a global name known for the high-quality of its motors—Bosch? Invest in quality and in long-term reliability; invest in the MotionGrey standing desk powered by the Bosch standing desk motor. You can’t go wrong!

For more details about the desks that we offer, feel free to check our catalog or reach out to us for more information.

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