The Top 5 Things You Must Have to Create the Perfect Remote Office

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Remote work is one of the biggest discoveries we’ve made over the past year or so. And, it works in so many ways and has unlocked so many big possibilities that many employees and organizations want to continue with the setup with or without the pandemic.

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If you’re among those who’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are looking to make remote work permanent for you, congratulations! The next step is to make sure you have everything you need to make this set up turn out well in the long run.

Check out the basic things you’ll need for your remote office

From the right space to the correct tools, make sure you start with the following:

Strong Internet Connection

Working from a coffee shop or from a hotel room overlooking the ocean—this is the dream. However, in most cases, when you work remotely, you will find yourself spending most of your time at home finishing a deadline or managing an urgent project.


During moments like this, you need fast and reliable internet connection that will help you get things done as efficiently as possible. Shop around for the best one in your area. Have a stable connection set up at home, plus something you can carry with you for those times when you need to work outside.

Online Productivity Tools

From meeting apps like Zoom or Webex to project organization and management tools to help you keep track and monitor projects, all of these things will help you stay on top of your work while ensuring that all the data you need will be with you—stored in the cloud—anywhere you go and anywhere you need to access them from.

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The good thing about this is that many of these tools are available for free, especially if you need just the basic features. It will help you cut cost on overhead expenses while making your day-to-day work life easier and more fun.


Sunshine! It makes everything so much better and brighter. And if you have a space at home that allows in more natural daylight to come in, it would be a perfect place for working. Natural daylight is not only naturally healthy to the body—it also has positive effects on a person’s mood.


One of the oft forgotten consequences of working from home is that it significantly reduces opportunities to go out, walk around, and get some sun. You need to be deliberate about creating space for you to give yourself all these... And while at home, create the environment that will bring you as close to it as possible. So start with good lighting. Add in some exercise, and then fresh air.

An Ergonomic Desk and Chair

If you’re looking to settle into working remotely for the long term, working from the dining table, from your bed, or from the couch will not work. You need a highly reliable ergonomic desk and chair, those designed to support your body while keeping it in its most natural position while you work.

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For your chair, you can choose between leather or mesh chair. Pick one that will both support you while giving you complete mobility. Then, pair it with the right standing desk, one that can help you work while alternating between sitting and standing. This is a good way to break prolonged sitting and its long-term ill effects. Consider the space that you have, and then get the right chair and desk for you.

Organization and Storage

This doesn’t only mean cabinet or drawers for your supplies, although that is part of it. Think about your files—can you go paperless? Most likely, you will need some filing cabinet for printed documents. Think about wiring and cables—they are among the most common sources of clutter in any space, and you need to find a way to organize them. You can choose from sleeves to clips or even a complete cable management system.

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The concept is easy—go for simplicity. The fewer your things, the faster you can organize and the easier it would be to keep your remote workspace clutter free.

So are you ready? With the five options we’ve provided above, you can be ready to start a new chapter in your career and in your life. Happy working (remotely)!

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