A Closer Look at the Standing Desk: Canada Statistics that Show Why You Need It

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The drive for a more active lifestyle has given rise to the standing desk. Canada, like so many other countries, has been working towards getting its citizens to become more active, and standing desks are among the primary solutions being eyed especially in the workplace.


The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Physical inactivity appears to be posing a serious threat to a great percentage of the population. In fact, in Canada, it is found to be the top four risk factor for early death, the first three being high blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes.

And the bad news is, studies have discovered that a great percentage of Canadians are living a sedentary lifestyle. In 2019, Good Times reported the findings of ParticipACTION that Canadians are sedentary for up to 10 hours a day on average, and that doesn’t include sleeping time.

Over the years, the number barely improved. In 2022, a separate set of data showed that sedentary hours per Canadian only decreased to a meager 9.8 hours each day.

This alarming set of data is testament to the need of every Canadian adult for more natural movement. Standing desk appears to be a promising answer. And for many ergonomic furniture designers, it’s been a goal to engineer and develop the best standing desk. Canada has seen an increasing number of ergonomic furniture providers offering high-quality standing desks, all carrying the promise of increased movement and better health.

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The Problems We Aim to Address with the Help of an Electric Standing Desk

Canada has seen some advance innovations in the design of standing desks and other ergonomic furniture these recent years. And with these innovations, we expect practical and long-term solution to several health conditions. Topmost of these are back pain, as well as heart and spinal problems.

Back Pain

Considered one of the chronic diseases that create major negative impact to people’s health and lifestyle, back pain has become a common condition many people put up with. In fact, in Canada, low back pain is found to incur medical costs that range between $6 and $12 billion every year.

And for up to 90% of individuals suffering from back pain, the underlying cause isn’t too obvious—no injury, no accident. In many of these cases, it’s habits that contribute to back pain, including poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle

By using a standing desk at work and developing the habit of alternating between sitting and standing throughout your work day, you can create significant impact in reducing back pain.

Heart and Spinal Problems

Physical inactivity is proven to be damaging to both your heart and your spine. When you sit for hours without moving or getting up, you slow down the circulation in your body. As a result, blood and oxygen may not readily reach the parts that need them, and this can lead to coronary issues. In the same manner, poor sitting posture can cause some real long-term damage to your spine.

Move more and improve your posture with a standing desk! Canada ergonomic companies offer a lot of options when it comes to this ergo furniture. You have your regular rectangular desks and L-shaped desks, desks that range in table top size and design, including handcrafted desks that can personalize your space. All of these can help you start leading a healthier, movement-filled lifestyle.

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The Best Standing Desk Canada Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the right electric standing desk, Canada marketplaces will not disappoint. And if you want a high-quality desk that will match your specific working environments, try our MotionGrey selection of premium standing desks, all offered at reasonable prices.

We have our flagship Motion Series Bosch-powered Standing Desk, as well as single motor desks, L-shaped desks, and handcrafted and personalized desks for every type of workspace. Check our catalog to find good options for you!

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