Standing Desk Stools: What They Are and Why You Need Them

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If you have recently decided to shift to a more active lifestyle at work and invested in a standing desk for your workspace, congratulations! You have just taken a big step towards health, which will certainly pay off for you in years to come. And now that you have taken steps towards standing and moving more, it’s time to check how you can keep your body healthy while sitting. Consider looking into standing desk stools.

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Standing Desk Stool: A Healthy Way to Sit

Experts have always associated prolonged sitting with a sedentary lifestyle, which creates havoc in a person’s health. This inactive lifestyle is known to cause a wide array of debilitating diseases such as coronary troubles, spinal issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

A standing desk is designed to break prolonged sitting by helping you alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This way, you can keep your muscles active, engaged, and healthy by standing more.

Now that we’ve solved the problem by standing, it’s time to look at those times you are seated—and to find a way to make sitting healthier. This is where standing desk stools come in. They are chairs that promote movement, encouraging what is called active or dynamic sitting. They work much like bouncy balls when used as chairs. Instead of staying static and unmoving in one position, this stool encourages continuous minor adjustments in your sitting posture. And by doing so, it continually engages your core and the key muscles in your body.

The Benefits of Standing Desk Stools

Standing desk stools offer a wide array of benefits, and below are some of the most immediate ones:

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They Eliminate Back Pain

If you’ve been experiencing back pain from hours of sitting at work, expect the use of a standing desk stool to put an end to that, or at least reduce the pain little by little. By using this stool, you can put an end to those hours of keeping your back locked in one position, causing muscle numbness and pain not only on your back but also on your shoulders, neck, and possibly your legs, too. By keeping your body moving, you develop healthy muscles and can say goodbye to back pain.


They Improve Posture

Perhaps one of the most immediate benefits, posture improvement is crucial to developing a healthy spine. Slouching and hunching are common forms of poor posture that many people fall into, especially those who work on a computer all day, slumped on their chairs and forgetting to get up and stretch now and then. Standing desk stools will eliminate that risk; it won’t give you a chance to slouch in the first place. These stools will keep you moving as you find balance while seated, so you are always subconsciously encouraged to sit up straight.

They Improve Circulation Throughout the Body

With constant muscle movement, you can be sure that both blood and oxygen travel throughout your body and to the most important parts that need to receive them in order to function well. As a result, your heart stays healthy, your muscles remain active, and your body functions in its optimum level. Coupled with regular standing throughout the day, exercise, and a healthy amount of movement outside of work, you’re all set and healthy.

They Keep You Alert

Prolonged sitting with little opportunity for movement—this can make you sluggish and rob you of the energy you need to function well mentally. If you’ve noticed that you constantly feel sleepy at work, or if you feel tired for no reason at all, inactivity could be causing the problem. Using a standing desk stool can put an end to this unhealthy habit. Sitting on a stool, you are constantly moving and putting your body to work, and this constant body engagement leads to a more active mind and increased productivity.

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Now that you have invested in a standing desk, getting a standing desk stool is the next best move to create a healthy workspace that can power you all throughout your workday. You can get this stool as a replacement to your office chair, or you can get it as a supplement—have both an ergonomic chair and a desk stool to support your working lifestyle.

Browse through the different options available for standing desk stools and adjustable chairs to find the one that will suit you and your lifestyle best.

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