Creating a Versatile Workspace with an L Shaped Standing Desk

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Canada offices today are undergoing a significant transformation in terms of space design. While old, traditional offices were designed for focus and isolation, characterized by cubicles that separate employees from each other, the layout of today’s offices starts to recognize the value of collaboration, connection, and a freer flow to an employee’s productivity and wellbeing. The more dynamic demands in today’s offices have led to a new focus. And with this change came the need for new elements in the workplace.


One of the newest innovations you’ll find in many workplaces is the L-shaped standing desk.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk and Why the L-Shaped Standing Desk is a Good Choice

The more active lifestyle that a standing desk promotes offers a wide range of benefits in a person’s physical health, mental wellness, and overall happiness at work. By making it easy to shift between sitting and standing every hour or two, the desk helps to:

  • Correct your posture, preventing hunching and slouching as you keep moving
  • Prevent back pain by engaging your muscles and keeping them from being locked in one position for too long
  • Maintain a healthy circulation throughout your body, making sure every crucial part gets a healthy supply of blood and oxygen
  • Burn calories, preventing lower belly fat and other related conditions
  • Keep your heart and spine healthy and functioning well
  • Improve your productivity by keeping you alert, keeping your energy filled, and keeping your creative juices flowing

All of these benefits you can enjoy from a standing desk. But why choose an L-shaped standing desk? Canada’s offices continue to evolve, and with the ongoing changes, there is a need for continuous adaptation. This is where the L-shaped desk comes in.

The nature of many of today’s work calls for a more dynamic approach, part of which is the need to multitask, to juggle between different projects simultaneously, and to balance between getting tasks done and keeping stakeholders informed of progress. These new demands in offices call for a workspace that is more versatile, and the L-shaped standing desk is specifically designed for this.

Workstation with L-Shaped Standing Desk

A Closer Look at the L-Shaped Standing Desk

Canada, with its focus on creating healthy and happy employees, has been supporting all the revolutionary changes in the workplace. And, more and more Canadian ergonomic companies are taking part to create this change. The L-shaped standing desk came about as an answer to the need for a space-saving and adaptable workspace that can handle demanding work environments.

The L-shaped desk offers all the benefits of a standing desk. Like any regular desk, it is easy to operate—all you have to do is to press a button to make it move to your desired sitting or standing height. Once you’ve saved your desired height settings, it’s fast and easy to alternately sit and stand throughout the day. And equipped with a powerful motor, you can expect the desk to handle the weight you need to place on its surface, from your computer unit to all your other work materials, all while moving at a fast speed and with minimal noise created.

However, the added surface area and the space-saving benefits it offers are something that can make a huge difference in an employee’s day-to-day experience. An L-shaped desk is perfect for individuals who juggle multiple roles and tasks and have to constantly move from one project to another throughout the day. And if you have a limited space at work, the design of this desk makes it easy to place in corners where it won’t take up even more space.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

The MotionGrey L-Shaped Standing Desk: Canada’s Leading Desk in Function and Aesthetics

If you’re considering an L-shaped desk as a new investment for your workspace, check out the Motion Series L-Shaped Desk. Powered by triple Bosch motors and supported by a three-segmented steel frame, it’s a practical standing desk option that is functional and durable, perfect for demanding workplaces. It has a wide height range, so it’s ideal for various heights, perfect for workstations with multiple users. Choose from different frame and table top colors to match your space, and enjoy being able to do and accomplish more in your day!

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