A Comparative Review of the Rise Desk and the MotionGrey Standing Desk

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In the market for a new standing desk? You’ll be happy to know that the options are endless—there is a wide array of standing desks available, ranging from simple and straightforward, easy-to-use desks to high-tech desks with a variety of extra features.

In some of our older posts, we’ve started a series of comparative standing desk reviews to help buyers decide which desk is right for them based on certain criteria. In continuing the series, we will be posting a few more comparative reviews, starting with this one of the Rise Desk and the Motion Series Standing Desk.

motion series desk

Let’s take a look at the key components of a standing desk and see how the two fare.

Weight Capacity

One of the first features to check, weight capacity is simply a desk’s load-carrying capacity. It determines how much load the desk can handle, which is something you’d want to check to ensure that it will match the amount—and weight—of all the things you plan to place on it.

Rise Desk: 260 lbs

Motion Series Standing Desk: 230 lbs

Got a lot of equipment? The Rise Desk can handle more. However, if you work agile and only have a handful of stuff, then the Motion Series standing desk will be a great choice.

Height Range

The question to ask yourself is this: how many people are using the desk? If the answer is many, then that means you need a wider height range to make sure the desk can accommodate different users of different heights.

Rise Desk: 25” to 50”

Motion Series Standing Desk: 23.6” to 49”

If there are standing desk users who are on the taller range, the Rise Desk will be able to accommodate them. However, shorter users will definitely appreciate the Motion Series Standing Desk.


When operating the desk, its speed can determine just how smoothly you shift from a sitting to a standing position. And although this might seem like a small deal, it can determine your level of productivity and comfort as you start this lifestyle.

Rise Desk: 1.5” per second

Motion Series Standing Desk: 1.5” per second

Both the Rise Desk and Motion Series Standing Desk appear relatively fast when it comes to their operating speed, ensuring a seamless, smooth desk movement.

Rise Desk

Noise Level

Similar to speed, the standing desk’s operating noise might not seem that important compared to its height range or weight capacity, but this can actually affect your flow as you work. A high level of noise can cause distraction, breaking your focus and slowing down your mental momentum.

Rise Desk: 45 decibels

Motion Series Standing Desk: 40 decibels

If you’re looking for a quiet desk operation that will not disrupt your work, the Motion Series standing desk is the way to go. It emits lower sounds, so you can keep working.


You can consider the motor of a standing desk as its heart—it powers the desk’s operation and largely determines its efficiency and longevity.

Rise Desk: Dual Motors

Motion Series Standing Desk: Dual Motors

Both the Rise Desk and Motion Series Standing Desk are equipped with dual motors. This means that there are two motors powering the desk, one on each side. The one from MotionGrey are Bosch motors, known for their durability and toughness, so you know you have a trusted power source underneath the desk.

Table Top

When it comes to table top, there are two things you want to look into—the size of the table top and its aesthetics. Both the size and design will determine whether the desk will match your space.

Rise Desk: 3 size and 3 color options

Motion Series Standing Desk: 3 size and 3 color options

Whether you go for Rise or MotionGrey, you get the same number of options for the table top. In terms of size, while the Rise Desk offers a slightly longer top for its small and large options, the medium Motion Series Standing Desk is so much longer than its Rise counterpart.

motiongrey standing desk


Warranty can be a deal breaker for some users, because it determines the reliability of the desk. The longer the coverage, the better.

Rise Desk: 5 years warranty

Motion Series Standing Desk: 8 years warranty

MotionGrey offers a longer warranty for most of its desks, so you can be sure you are getting a high-quality option with all the right features.

Ready to shop? We hope this review has been helpful in helping you take a step towards getting an investment that can significantly and positively change your lifestyle.

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