A Look at the 20-8-2 Rule in the Use of an Adjustable Standing Desk

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Are you trying to break the sedentary cycle you find yourself falling into in your daily schedule? The sedentary lifestyle has become normal for so many people, but together with this is a speedy rise of health conditions that now afflict people of all backgrounds. Many solutions have been introduced to combat this dangerous lifestyle, and one of the leading solutions is an adjustable standing desk.


What Makes the Sit Stand Desk Canada’s Leading Choice for Living an Active Life

You might wonder what makes an adjustable standing desk very effective. The answer lies in the fact that while the root cause of the problem is a lifestyle, the solution an electric desk offers is also a lifestyle, albeit the opposite one.

A sedentary lifestyle is one characterized by little amount of movement and, in a work environment, long hours of sitting. In any workplace where the work done is computer oriented in nature, it can be easy for people to get glued to their desks while they type away reports or respond to emails and do similar other activities.

An adjustable standing desk is designed to reverse this lifestyle—by designing a different lifestyle characterized by moving more, the very opposite of being sedentary. An electric desk is equipped with a motor that powers the desk to make it easy to adjust its height, allowing users to work while sitting or standing.

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A Guide to the 20-8-2 Routine: How It Works

The effectiveness of an adjustable standing desk hinges not on the actual desk but on the routine it can help users create, one that is healthy and will combat prolonged sitting. The idea is to alternate between sitting and standing, and the key to success is ensuring you get the right amount of both sitting and standing at any given day.

The 20-8-2 routine is a guide for those who are just about to embark in a sit-stand journey at work. This is a 30-minute cycle, and the idea is to sit down for 20 minutes, followed by 8 minutes of standing while working on your electric desk, and then 2 minutes of movement, which may include some light stretching or walking around to stretch your leg muscles.

This routine provides a healthy balance of sitting and standing without getting you so tired and fatigued. It is ideal if you are just starting in a sit-stand routine and hasn’t found the right ratio yet that works best for you. It will give you the right mix of rest and movement, helping you set the foundation for a healthy routine that you can continue to develop later on.

Other Tips to Make Your Transition to a Sit-Stand Routine Easy

Apart from following the 20-8-2 ratio in the use of your adjustable standing desk, there are some other things you can do to make the transition to this healthier lifestyle so much easier for you. Take a look at some tips below:

  • Set your adjustable standing desk to the correct height and save the height

If you have an electric desk, chances are that it has a memory keypad where you can input the correct standing height for you, and then save that height so that you can just press one button the next time you want to adjust your desk from a sitting height to a standing height. This makes everything easier and more convenient, one less thing to think about so that everything becomes automatic and second nature.

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  • Get an anti-fatigue mat

One of the most common challenges you will have to face while adjusting to less sitting and more standing is fatigue, coupled with possible leg discomfort and pain. The best way to deal with this is to invest in an anti-fatigue mat. This is a simple soft mat that will help absorb the strain and pressure that your feet and leg feel when you stand. Choose a mat with knobs and ridges so that you get the extra benefit of a massage on your soles.

  • Learn how to stand correctly

When you stand while working in your adjustable standing desk, don’t stand without moving on your spot. Instead, try to shift your weight between your left and right legs. This will stimulate your leg muscles and keep blood circulation in your lower legs healthy, preventing feelings of numbness or ‘sleeping legs’ and the associated discomfort.

  • Choose to pair standing with light work

While you are still adjusting to more standing at work, don’t aim to do all your heavy mental work while you are standing. Instead, perhaps try to match standing with activities such as attending a virtual meeting, answering email, or doing some light typing. All heavy work, such as report preparations or doing presentations, perhaps do all of those while sitting. Then, once you have adjusted to your new routine, then you can make adjustments as needed.

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