Lifestyle Changes to Fix Turtleneck Syndrome

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Pain in the neck after continuous scrolling through your phone? Stiffness in your shoulder and upper back after looking down on your laptop for hours while typing? Some headache and discomfort after hours of sitting while working on your computer? There are several possible causes, and one you must look into is turtleneck syndrome.

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What is Turtleneck Syndrome?

This is a rather new label that medical professionals use to refer to the strain and pressure suffered by the neck, primarily, and its surrounding areas because of prolonged looking down onto your gadgets and electronic devices.

It is also called text neck syndrome because it is closely associated and believed to be caused by texting or by the use of a mobile phone—more specifically, the posture one assumes when looking down on one’s phone, which can be compared to a turtle extending its neck outside of its shell.

Turtleneck syndrome is just one of the plethora of health and muscle conditions that people today develop because of the improper or excessive use of their electronic devices, as well as because of poor posture. The bad news is that severe turtle neck syndrome is now a growing concern, and the number of people afflicted by this condition are growing. However, there is also good news. Turtleneck syndrome is a lifestyle-triggered condition. Therefore, a change or a correction in lifestyle can address the said problem and help a person return to a healthy state.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few changes and improvements in lifestyle that might help mitigate the risks associated with severe turtle neck syndrome.

Lifestyle Changes to Help Cure Turtleneck Syndrome

These are simple and small changes you can introduce in your day to combat and cure text neck syndrome:

Reduce Screen Time

When you look at a screen and get immersed into a video, social media posts, or Netflix shows you watch on your mobile, it’s easy to bend your neck forward without you noticing it, and this is one of the leading causes of severe turtle neck syndrome.

One of the best ways to cure and address the condition is to simply manage your screen time and phone use. Too much is bad, after all, and managing the use of your mobile phone will not only reduce the risks of turtleneck syndrome but also help you become more productive and more mindful of your time.

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Convert Your Workspace into an Ergonomic Space

Poor posture and body position is one of the causes of turtleneck syndrome, and we all know that poor ergonomics can contribute towards poor posture. Therefore, if you’re suffering from text neck syndrome, you may want to check your workstation—could it be contributing towards the condition?

Examine the different elements of your workstation and see which element you may improve.

  • An ergonomic chair with a proper adjustable headrest

The headrest is designed to support your head when you work, and in the process it also supports your neck, shoulders, and back. Imagine sitting for hours with no headrest, with your neck and shoulder muscles needing to support and balance your head. This can lead to excessive muscle strain and stiffness, which are top symptoms of turtleneck syndrome. Therefore, check that you have an ergonomic office chair with a headrest.

  • Your computer monitor and its position

Is your monitor height and angle correct? Meaning, does it allow you to view your screen without having to strain your neck muscles? If you feel the angle or height is incorrect, you may need to adjust it to ensure that your neck and shoulder muscles can relax.

There are two options available for this—a set of monitor arms and a monitor riser stand. The riser stand is a simple equipment that will elevate your monitor so that it is at eye level and you won’t need to look down when viewing your screen. The monitor arms have the same function, but they do more. They reposition your monitor above your workstation, and they can handle multiple monitors. Adjustment is easier, and you get more of your desk space. Plus, you can prevent severe turtle neck syndrome.

  • The overall organization in your workstation

This simply pertains to where everything is in your desk. Do you have a place for all of your equipment, your office supplies, and even your wires? A cluttered desk makes it difficult to work efficiently, and you might have to constantly strain your muscles just to be able to reach all the things you need to reach in your day-to-day work.

There are filing cabinets you can employ for your files and supplies, as well as cable organizers for your wires. These can help improve workspace organization and prevent any risks associated with turtleneck syndrome due to clutter.

Be Mindful of Your Posture

Prolonged sitting invites poor posture, unless you become intentional in correcting your posture and maintaining a good one. Consider getting regular reminders to keep correcting your posture—post it notes in your work area, maybe an alarm in your mobile, as well as other techniques that may work for you.

Another option would be to alternate between sitting and standing with the help of a standing desk. This simple act of regularly switching between a sitting and a standing position helps you move constantly, and, in the process, you correct your posture and do not stay in one stiff position for too long.


Live an Active Lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle is a problem of majority of the population today, and it affects the entire body, including your neck and surrounding areas. The most effective cure is to keep moving—to exercise and live an active life.

Specific to turtleneck syndrome, some of the things you can do are stretches for the neck and shoulders, as well as general improvement in your activity levels. These will help stimulate your muscles so you can avoid and combat all the general pains associated with lack of movement.

Are you ready to combat turtleneck syndrome? It’s time for a lifestyle change. Try one, two, or more from the tips we shared and let us know how it goes.

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