My Back Hurts When I Use an Adjustable Standing Desk - What Should I Do?

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Feeling back pain while using an adjustable standing desk? Let’s take a look at what this desk is and what might be causing the pain you are experiencing.

An adjustable standing desk is designed to facilitate more movement, especially at work, among individuals who spend most of their days typing on a computer and seated on their chair. The adjustable standing desk, an electric desk that can be easily adjusted from one height to another, encourages users to get up from their office chair every once in a while and stand while working.

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This habit is associated with a reduction in back pain, the correction of posture, an increase in productivity due to heightened focus and motivation, as well as a reduction in risks concerning chronic diseases. The sit stand desk is one of Canada’s ergonomic wonders, and more and more offices are being transformed by this adjustable standing desk.

Back Pain When Using an Adjustable Standing Desk: What Could be the Cause?

If you have just started using an electric desk and found that it causes back pain, you must examine certain things to determine what might be causing the pain or discomfort so that you will know how to address it best.

Did you do it abruptly?

Standing while working is a habit you must build. That means it will take time to be comfortable with it. If you are used to sitting 100% of the time and you want to transition to alternately sitting and standing while you work, you need to have proper pacing as you sit less and stand more. Don’t expect to be comfortable standing for half a day while working on your adjustable standing desk if this is the first time you are doing it.

There is a proper ratio to sitting and standing. Many individuals recommend at least 15 minutes of standing every hour, building on the time until you become comfortable and increasing the amount of time you sit to up to 45 minutes per hour. You can check our previous post for another advice on proper sit-stand ratio.

Are you using the right footwear?

What is the right footwear, you may ask. Well, obviously, high heels are not advisable if you are going to be standing for a longer period and working in your adjustable standing desk. We advise that you use flat shoes, those that can offer complete support to your feet and legs. This will ensure longer comfort, allowing you to adjust more easily to this new and healthier lifestyle.

Another thing to consider is an anti-fatigue mat. This can provide additional comfort to your feet by reducing the pressure on your legs from standing on a hard and concrete surface. With this mat in place, you can stand longer without feeling the discomfort.

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Are you standing right?

This pertains to your posture—is your back straight and is your weight evenly distributed between your legs? If you find yourself hunching over your desk, or perhaps having a hard time reaching for something on the other end of the desk, that is likely causing poor posture and some strain on your back, leading to back pain. Make sure to be mindful of your posture and ensure your back is straight when you are standing while working.

Apart from checking your posture, check the height of the adjustable standing desk, too. If the height isn’t right, it will be normal to experience back pain. Be familiar with the memory keypad in your electric desk and learn how to set its height correctly.

How physically healthy and how active are you?

The level of your physical health and activity will also determine how well you will adjust to the use of a sit-stand desk. In Canada, individuals with full-time work report to being sedentary for over 65% of their day, so you can imagine the level of adjustment it will require if these individuals will decide to sit less and stand more with the help of an adjustable standing desk.

The healthier and more active you are, the easier it will be to transition to a sit-stand lifestyle. So if you are in that stage right now, trying to use an electric desk at work, perhaps couple your efforts with some extra movement, exercise, perhaps stretching, to make the transition easy.

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Adjustment: Key to the Use of an Adjustable Standing Desk

One thing every user must remember is that standing while working is not something you can “master” overnight. It takes time, perhaps trial and error, and consistency to learn how to do it right and to start reaping the benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle - without the back pain and discomfort. In short, it will take some adjustments.

Look into the questions we mentioned above and try to find an answer to them, and then start making the necessary steps to make the adjustment to more standing easier and more comfortable for you. Remember, too, to be patient with yourself. Take it slow, one small step at a time, as long as you are consistent in building the habit.

With the right pace in the use of an adjustable standing desk, you can be sure you will be able to build a more active, healthier life over time.

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