The Best Types of Accessories to Optimize Your Standing L Shaped Desk

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Have you recently invested in a standing L shaped desk and want to optimize it with the right accessories? We’re happy to share that there are a lot of options available for you!

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A Closer Look at the Standing L Shaped Desk

Much like any electric and adjustable standing desk, the standing L shaped desk is designed to help users transition into the sit-stand lifestyle with ease. The desk is equipped with a motor that powers it and a keypad that allows users to set the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing as they work.

Compared to a regular standing desk, the L shaped desk has a wider surface area and a higher weight capacity, able to handle and house more equipment and work materials.

And if you want to optimize it as an ergonomic workstation, there are certain accessories you can use to create a healthier space for work.

The Top Three Accessories for a Standing L Shaped Desk

Out of the many ergonomic add-ons available, here are our top 3 favorites because of different reasons. Check out below:

Adjustable Monitor Arms

This is a set of two or three monitor arms that can be readily installed to support your monitors. They are ideal for use if you have multiple monitors in your space. Although a standing L shaped desk can hold more than one monitor because of its wider surface area, monitor arms can give you more space by elevating your monitors and taking them off your desk.

Apart from the space-saving benefits that they provide, monitor arms also make the monitors more easily adjustable to give you better viewing angle and prevent any eye strain caused by incorrect monitor angle and height.

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Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

The use of a standing L shaped desk primarily takes care of your back, helping you achieve better posture, among many other benefits. As you work on your computer for long hours in a day, you also need to take care of your hands, wrists, and fingers—this is the reason you need a keyboard and mouse that are designed to make typing more comfortable.

You’ve probably heard of the growing cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, and a poorly designed keyboard and mouse are among the most likely culprit. You can save yourself from the risks by investing in accessories that are ergonomic in design.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

We’ve mentioned care for your eyes with the use of the right monitor arms and care for your hands and wrists and fingers with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Let us now talk about care for your feet and legs as you stand more often.

Fatigue is a common experience among those who are new in the sit-stand lifestyle, and among the causes is the impact and pressure brought by standing on a hard concrete surface. You can protect your leg muscles by adding a mat that can cushion the strain. An anti-fatigue mat is specifically designed for that. Find one that can make the shift into the lifestyle easy.

Are you ready to optimize your standing L shaped desk? Consider the accessories above to create a truly functional ergonomic workspace!

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