Back to Basics: Why You Need Ergonomic Chairs

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Office chairs, gaming chairs, task chairs—chances are you’ve heard about all of these, at one time or another, in relation to ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic chairs have now become a key element in many offices and home offices, arising due to the growing concerns about people’s work health. This has been brought to the consciousness of many, all thanks to the increasing number of chronic diseases and conditions, many of which are attributed to individuals staying longer and longer in their chairs.

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What are Ergonomic Chairs?

If this is your first time here and you’re not familiar with the ergonomic chair, then read on. Ergonomic chairs are like your typical chairs, but they have been engineered to provide utmost care to your body and to help your body stay in a natural and comfortable position even if you have to sit for a little longer.

How does an ergonomic office chair accomplish this? Well, it’s all thanks to their design, with each feature incorporated to give users great options to customize their chair and achieve the most comfort while they are seated. The answer is adjustability. The more adjustable a chair, the more options for customization.

The Adjustability of Ergonomic Chairs

Most office chairs are adjustable in height, allowing you to set the chair according to your own height so that you can comfortably sit straight with your feet flat on the floor, your knees in a 90-degree angle, and your back sufficiently supported.

An ergonomic chair, however, will have more than just the basic height adjustment. Take a look at the adjustability options you will find in an ergonomic office chair.

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Back Tilt & Tension Adjustment

This is one helpful feature of ergonomic chairs, their capability for recline to give you the option to adjust your back according to your activity, your need, and your comfort level. When you are working on a task, you’d want the back of your ergonomic chair comfortably straight. However, if you want to rest after sitting upright for a while, the ability of the chair to recline will be very helpful.

The tilt range of the chair may differ according to the specific chair design and construction, and most chairs will be equipped with a tension knob to help you adjust the tension so you get the right feel for your back. In addition, most ergonomic chairs will give you several lockable tilt positions so you have options when it comes to your back and body, allowing you to get the most level of comfort at any point.

One newer feature of ergonomic chairs is the synchro-tilt design, one that enables the back and seat pan to move and adjust in a 2:1 ratio—meaning, the back will adjust faster than the seat pan, thus you can recline your back while the seat pan remains level to the floor. This is important to keep you stable on your chair no matter how much you move.

Placement of Lumbar Support

Some chairs will have a movable lumbar support that you can adjust up and down so that it follows the curve of your back and you are able to maintain the right level of comfort. Position it down so you can support your lower back, and then adjust it the moment you feel some tension and strain on your back.

The lumbar support has become a crucial feature of an ergonomic office chair, and its capability for adjustment can spell the difference between a tiring day or a relaxing one.

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Armrest Adjustment (with option for 4D armrests)

You may think of armrests as very straightforward and simple components of ergonomic chairs, but they determine your access to the things in your surroundings, especially the items and equipment on your desk. Most armrests will have height adjustments, but the newer armrests offer more than that.

The 4D armrests found in some ergonomic chairs can be adjusted not only vertically (height adjustment) but also horizontally (forward and backward, as well as sideways). You can also move the armrests closer or away from your body to give you more mobility and access.

Headrest Adjustment

Similar to the armrests, the headrest can also be adjusted in several ways. You have your height adjustment, but today you will also find in a regular ergonomic office chair the option to adjust the angle forward, allowing you to relax your shoulder, neck, and head as you work, preventing both muscle and eye strain.

Like all the rest of your chair’s adjustability features, this additional adjustment is geared towards providing a more comfortable experience for you so you can customize your ergonomic chair according to your needs.


A Guide to Finding the Right Ergonomic Office Chair: Mesh or Leather

If you are in search of an ergonomic chair to replace your old office chair, there are several things you can look into in order to find the right one among the ergonomic chairs out there.

Apart from the adjustability features mentioned above, one other thing to consider is the chair material.

When it comes to ergonomic chairs, your most common options are the mesh office chair or the leather office chair. Each type has a different set of advantages. Mesh chairs, for instance, are lighter and more breathable, and they have a minimalist style. Leather chairs, on the other hand, will give your space a more professional look and may offer more support, depending on the design.

Click here to know how to choose the right ergonomic office chair.

Ergonomic chairs come in different styles and features, and the good news is that it’s possible to find the right one without having to spend a lot of money. Here at MotionGrey, we offer a selection of mesh and leather ergonomic chairs for office and gaming use.

They are designed to be perfect partners for your standing desk, so you can stay healthy whether sitting or standing. And to get the most out of your ergonomic equipment, don’t forget to find the right chair and create a sit-stand routine that will work for you.

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