Standing Desk and Weight Management: Can an Adjustable Desk Help You Lose Weight?

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Did you know that Canada ranks 12th out of 97 countries when it comes to obesity rate, with 31.3% rating just as of last year, 2023? The recent decades have seen obesity rise to become a serious global concern, and no country seems unaffected. And, it impacts national healthcare, people’s socioeconomic status, and mortality, among others. It is linked to several factors, and among those at the top is people’s lifestyle, specifically the growing sedentary lifestyle that many individuals seem to have adopted either out of need or lack of discipline, or maybe a combination of both.

Adjustable Standing Desk to the Rescue!

People are turning to several solutions to combat obesity, and among the solutions that have grown in popularity over the years are standing desks. Touted by some as the ultimate cure for sedentary living, the adjustable standing desk or sit stand desk is Canada’s top ergonomic equipment, now used in both offices and homes.

The most common type of the adjustable standing desk is the electric desk, powered by a motor to automatically move up and down with a press of a button. It is a small wonder that has revamped the lifestyle of many individuals, but can it really help you lose those pesky fats and calories?

How Effective is an Adjustable Standing Desk in Helping People Lose Weight?

How effective is a sit stand desk? In Canada, has it really contributed to reducing obesity rate? Well, the first thing to remember is that an electric desk is one half of the equation—the other half is the user.

Let’s take a look at how an adjustable standing desk works.

The wonders of a sit stand desk in Canada, as in any other country, lies in the habits it helps people build. When we look at sedentary lifestyle, most of us will picture a person slumped on his chair, either typing away on a computer, or watching television, or playing computer game. This may be an extreme picture, and it’s not always the case with many individuals. But, the fact remains—prolonged sitting is the primary characteristic of a sedentary lifestyle, and the way to combat it is to break the habit.

An adjustable standing desk helps with that by encouraging individuals to break free from sitting by making it easy to alternate between sitting and standing as they work or as they do the usual activities they do seated.

Consider the usual habits many individuals practice, of sitting down after eating. Studies show this increases likelihood of having high sugar and calorie levels. In addition, sitting can interfere with digestion, causing poor digestion resulting in bloating and possible heartburn. By standing with the help of an adjustable standing desk, you can continue to do your work without having to sit down. And, with an electric desk, this is very simple. There’s no hassle shifting from a sitting to a standing position, so it’s easy to practice and develop the habits.

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Now, let’s take a look at the numbers. When you look online, you will see conflicting data pertaining to the actual calories burned when sitting vs. when standing. Some say there is no significant difference in the amount of calories burned (up to 85 calories when sitting and up to 95 calories when standing). Other data will say you can burn as much as 190 calories for an hour of standing. However, whether using a sit stand desk in Canada will or will not help you burn a high amount of calories, one thing remains certain—the added movement that an adjustable standing desk encourages users to do is helpful for the body, both in terms of weight management and in reducing risks of certain diseases. Take a look at the following:

  • Standing while working will help you lower your risks for diabetes and heart disease
  • More movement will improve your spinal health, preventing harmful back conditions
  • When you stand while working, it’s easier to move around and stay active, contributing to overall improvement in health

How to Optimize the Use of an Adjustable Standing Desk for Weight Loss

If you have an electric desk and one of your goals is weight loss, there are things you can do to get the most out of your adjustable standing desk.


Create a Sit-Stand Routine

To develop the habit of sitting and standing as you work, you need to develop a routine that will work best for you. This can include any or both of the following:

  • Choosing the right activities to do when standing and when sitting, such as answering emails and doing light typing for standing and more mental work when sitting
  • Setting a particular timing for standing and sitting to create the rhythm that works best for you—you can start with 15 mins of standing time per hour and build to as much as 45 mins of standing time, according to what your body can tolerate

By creating a routine, you are on your way to making the habit stick.

Perform Desk Exercises

The exercises you can perform with your adjustable standing desk can range from simple stretching to more rigorous exercises that will help you stimulate your muscles and your body. The good thing about many of these exercises is that they need little time and effort while not requiring any other equipment apart from the electric desk that you already have.

Click here for some standing desk exercises you can try in the office or at home.

Obesity may be a global problem. But, except in some cases, it is in fact manageable—all you need are discipline, the right habits, and consistency.

Don’t know where to start? Well, if you don’t have an adjustable standing desk yet, try the Motiongrey Standing Desk. It’s one of the best sit stand desks in Canada, and one of the most affordable, too! And once you have the desk, it’s time to start building your routine on your way to a healthier, fitter, and better life.

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