10 Best Office Chairs for a Productive Desk Setup

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Shopping for the best office chair for a productive desk setup? The key to a perfect desk setup lies in finding an ergonomic chair that supports your posture and adapts to your movements. Whether you’re working in a well-lit office space or a cozy home setup, the right chair can make a significant difference in maintaining energy levels and reducing stress a comfortable office seating offers both short-term and long-term benefits. And, a comfortable chair with the right features will make every day productive for you.

motiongrey office chair for a productive desk setup

Your Top 10 Office Chair Options

When you look in the market for the best ergonomic chairs, you’ll be glad to find a wide range of options in terms of materials, design, and features. With the wide ergonomic chair selection available to you, the next question now becomes: how do you find a comfortable chair that will also help increase your productivity?

In this blog post, we’ve outlined our top 10 picks for office chair based on productivity and comfort. Check out the following:

Motion AirGlide Office Chair

“Optimum breathability and solid support”—this is the promise of the AirGlide ergonomic chair, which makes it a top choice not only as a comfortable chair but also one that offers an optimized experience for users. This is possible with the AirGlide all thanks to a combination of a breathable mesh fabric and a high-quality pneumatics system that makes adjustment smooth and easy. The AirGlide is the priciest office chair in the MotionGrey lineup, but at $649.99, it falls in the middle price range comparable to most chairs in this list.

Here are the top features of the AirGlide ergonomic chair:

  • A 4D armrest and a headrest adjustable in both height and angle guarantee full body support
  • Adjustable seat tilt and foam cushion prevent fatigue and improve blood circulation
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support and adjustable recline angle and tension provide the ultimate comfortable sitting experience
motion airglide office chair for productive desk setups

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller considers its Aeron chair a pioneer in the ergonomic chair market. Having been in the industry for almost three decades now, its Aeron chair has continuously evolved over the years, with the latest of Herman Miller’s pride to be the addition of ‘ocean-bound’ plastic to its chairs, making them among the more sustainable office chair options available today. The Herman Miller technology centers on support and posture enhancement. The Aeron chair comes at a premium price of $2,790.00, the highest-priced chair in this list.

In its focus on ergonomics, the Aeron focuses on the following technological features to create its comfortable chair selection:

  • The 8Z Pellicle techonology ensures smart weight distribution
  • Adjustable PostureFit SL provides complete support to the spine
  • The Harmonic 2 Tilt technology promotes balanced recline and natural movement

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Labeled by productguide.ca as a “best value” ergonomic chair, the Duramont chair has several adjustability features that makes it one of the top comfortable chair options in this list. The armrest is adjustable in height while the headrest has the added feature of tilt adjustment for added head and neck support. More adjustability options for the back complete this line-up of features. This office chair is offered at an affordable price of $299.00.

Check out these lumbar adjustments for this ergonomic chair:

  • Lockable recline at any angle ensures users are comfortable in whatever position
  • In-out and up-down adjustment for the lumbar gives the right support in various sitting positions
  • A combination of premium mesh and high-density foam tops off both comfort and support

KERDOM Ergonomic Office Chair

Although this ergonomic chair has a relatively low weight capacity, it offers good support for the right users, all thanks to the design of its components and the adjustability features it is equipped with. The headrest is curved and can be rotated to adjust accordingly (in addition to its height adjustment feature). The backrest has an S-shaped design to complement and protect the spine. To top it off, the chair is offered in white color and will give any space a neat and professional look. Like the Duramont office chair, this comfortable chair is offered at $299.00.

  • The Y shape of the chair back pairs with the S-shaped backrest to support both upper and lower back
  • Back tilt of 90 to 135 degrees with 3 locking positions support the back both at work and at rest
  • The 3D armrest can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and forward and backward for complete arm support

Effydesk AeryChair

This office chair from Effydesk is the brand’s bestseller ergonomic chair, one specifically designed to offer lower back support, all while also offering support to users’ head, neck, and arms. The chair is designed to address and prevent backache, as well as protect back and knees. Offered at CAD $530.00, this falls in the mid-price range in the office chair market.

The AeryChair boasts of these features:

  • A 4D armrest and height-adjustable headrest keeps the body in its natural, comfortable state
  • The recline feature for the backrest helps in decompressing the spinal discs for support and pain relief
  • Adjustable seat base reduces back and knee pressure for optimum comfort

Motion CloudMesh Office Chair

When it comes to support and comfort, the right backrest adjustment can make all the difference—and this is the main distinguishing feature of the CloudMesh ergonomic chair among all other chairs in the market, including the MotionGrey lineup. This, together with a whole range of other adjustment options, make this comfortable chair a must-pick. This is offered at $349.99.

Take a look at these ample features of the CloudMesh:

  • Up to 5 lockable recline positions and adjustable recline tension offers full support throughout the day
  • The combination of the height-adjustable lumbar support and backrest adjustment makes this office chair a must have for prolonged sitting
  • Adjustable seat tilt keeps the body in its most natural position at all times
motion cloudmesh office chair for desk productivity setups

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

The design of this ergonomic office chair from Autonomous revolves around back pain relief, fatigue reduction, and posture correction. The ample weight capacity rated at 300lbs pairs with adjustability for all its various parts to meet the needs of users in terms of support. Another thing worth noting about this office chair is its eco-friendly construction. Offered at $499, it falls under the mid-range price category.

Below are some of its noteworthy adjustability features:

  • A 2:1 ratio for back and seat movement ensures comfortable recline at any point
  • About 22 degrees of recline with adjustability in 5 key positions ensures that users can keep their good posture
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion protects the spine and ensures comfort

Rise Ergonomic Office Chair

The numbers 2 and 4 are the magic numbers for the Rise ergonomic chair. The support offered by this comfortable chair revolves around various adjustment features for the back, arm and head. Offered in 3 colors at $545.00, it falls under the mid-price range in terms of ergonomic chairs.

These are the features for the Rise office chair:

  • A lumbar cushion adjusts by 2” inwards and upwards (height) to keep users comfortable
  • Up to 4” adjustment for armrest height and up to 40 degrees of recline keep comfort a priority for users
  • An adjustment of up 2” for the headrest with 3 tilt notches keep shoulders, neck, and head fully supported

NouHaus Ergo3D Chair

This ergonomic chair from NouHaus is labeled “best heavy-duty” by productguide.ca, and this can be largely attributed to its high-quality hydraulic gas lift. Apart from this, this office chair comes with a number of adjustable features and a soft HD ElastoMesh fabric that optimizes airflow to keep users cool and comfy. This comfortable chair is offered at CAD $517.00.

Below are the to features of the Nouhaus office chair:

  • The 4D-Orbital armrests can be adjusted in different directions to match users' working needs
  • A lumbar support it labels “Just-For-Me” provides customized comfort by automatically adjusting to the back as users shift in the seat
  • Up to 135 degrees recline with lock support users both while work and resting

GERTTRONY Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic chair from GERTTRONY has both good and not-so-good features, but it is a comfortable chair overall. Apart from its 280lbs weight capacity and the BIFMA certification that comes with all its parts, the chair is easy to assemble and store. The reliable back support is something that users will also love. However, it’s worth mentioning that the GERTTRONY chair can use a little more adjustability on the lumbar support and a wider range of motion for the seat. The GERTTRONY office chair is the lowest priced in this list at $115.99.

  • 120-degree tilt guarantees support for the back when working and when on break
  • The armrests can be rotated 90 degrees for additional support and can be pulled up for the chair’s easy storage
  • High-density breathable mesh paired with memory foam seat guarantee optimal comfort
motiongrey office chair creates productive desk setups

In your quest for the perfect office chair, consider factors like adjustable height, lumbar support, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your workspace. Remember, a comfortable chair is a huge priority for job satisfaction and productivity.

Productive Desk Setup Tips for an Ergonomic Workstation

In creating your ideal ergonomic workspace, consider the importance of natural light and indoor lighting, which can influence your energy levels and stress levels. A productive workspace isn't just about a comfortable office chair at the ideal chair height; it's about the entire desk setup. From the ergonomic keyboard on your keyboard tray to the adjustable monitor at eye level, every element plays a role. Ensure your desk space is free from clutter with desk organizers and keep a tidy desk pad to avoid a messy or disorganized desk.

For those long periods of time at your desk, an adjustable standing desk can help maintain blood flow and reduce the risk of chronic fatigue. Incorporate a desk lamp to supplement natural lighting, and consider the color temperature to create an ambient atmosphere.

Embrace regular breaks to manage blood pressure and maintain a comfortable temperature in your workspace. The right desk accessories, like an ergonomic mouse and mechanical keyboards, can significantly enhance your comfort. Don't overlook the value of cable management to avoid cable clutter, ensuring a minimalist desk setup. Dedicate space for personal items and perhaps a bulletin board for constant reminders. For remote workers, a dual monitor setup might be ideal, elevating the workspace aesthetic and maximizing productivity.

Finally, integrating elements like an air purifier can improve air quality, essential for health and well-being in your workspace. Whether for virtual meetings or deep work, the right office desk setup ideas, from an adjustable chair to a posture-effective chair, can transform your space into a haven for maximum productivity and comfort.

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