Top 5 Standing Desks For Workstation Ergonomics

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Workstation ergonomics matter when you're sitting on your chair all day and suffering from back pain due to prolonged sitting. Create an active workspace by replacing the old fixed desk in your workstation with a standing desk. An adjustable desk that can move up or down from sitting height to standing height will help you alternate between sitting and standing as you work. This has been a tried and tested ergonomic solution now being employed in many modern offices. If yours doesn’t have a standing desk yet, it’s time to have one!

Standing Desk Setup for Ergonomic Workstations

Why a Standing Desk for Workstation Ergonomics?

Why standing desks for an ergonomic workstation? The answer comes in the form of many benefits, ranging from health benefits to productivity increase. Let’s take a look at these benefits of standing desks:

  • They reduce back pain.

Sitting in one position for too long and with poor posture added in the mix—this is usually the main cause of back pain among individuals who work in front of a computer. By creating an ergonomic workstation with a reliable standing desk to help you stand more, you break the habit of prolonged sitting and able to correct your posture continuously.

  • They lower the risks of developing chronic diseases

Diabetes, heart problems, musculoskeletal disorders—these have long been linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Using an adjustable desk helps encourage movement, making it easier to break free from your sedentary habits and from the possibility of developing these conditions.

  • They improve circulation in the body

By using a standing desk and alternating between sitting and standing, the constant movement promotes the flow of both blood and oxygen throughout the body, resulting in optimal health.

  • They help burn calories

The amount of calories may not be too high compared to the calories burned when doing heavy physical exercise, but this is significant when you consider the fact that most people don’t have enough time for exercise. Creating an active workspace with an adjustable desk makes moving and burning calories easy, all while you’re able to go on with your day.

  • They increase energy levels and focus

If you feel sleepy or lethargic, adjust the height of your standing desk and stand and move. Moving more will keep you awake and alert, all while helping you concentrate on the tasks that need to get done.

  • They improve mood

Movement releases endorphins, so the regular alternation between sitting and standing with the help of an adjustable desk can keep your mood high and positive. This is helpful in stressful working environments, allowing you to get through the day in good spirits.

Now, if you’ve decided to transform your space into an ergonomic workstation, it’s time to start looking for the right adjustable desk for you. You’ll be happy to know that finding the best standing desk in Canada is easy with the wide selection available in the ergonomics market.

motion series standing desk for workplace ergonomics

Top 5 Standing Desks in Canada for Workstation Ergonomics

In this post, we’ve compiled the top 5 standing desk options to help you narrow down the choices to build an ergonomic workstation setup. These are named by different third-party websites as best overall picks based on testing and feature check, so you know they are taking the lead in the market.

1. MotionGrey Motion Series, Best Overall Standing Desk in 2023 by

This adjustable desk was chosen primarily for its wide height range, which enables it to cater to different users, ranging from those measuring 5' tall to those measuring 7'. This is an ideal choice for those who want to create an active workstation in the office, where the desk may be shared by different users. The wider the height range, the more users the desk can accommodate. And with up to 4 programmable height settings, you can save your chosen standing height for easy adjustment even if there are multiple individuals using the desk. PRICE: $499.99

2. Fully Jarvis Bamboo, Best Overall Standing Desk in 2023 by The Strategist

This adjustable desk made it to the top of the list because of the wide selection of options it offers when it comes to desktop and frame, allowing for different combinations and more ergonomic workstation customization. For the desktop, you can take your pick from up to nine different sizes and styles (from desks with a regular rectangular style to desk with a front edge that sports a curved design). This is supported by the availability of up to 6 colors for the frame, making it easy to get the right desktop and frame combination that will make creating an active workspace fun! PRICE: $918

3. Flexispot E7, Best Overall Standing Desk in 2023 by TechRadar

What makes this adjustable desk stood out was its high-quality build and its heavy-duty weight-lifting capacity. If you want to build an ergonomic workstation that will last long regardless of the day-to-day stress placed on it, then the Flexispot E7 is worth considering. It can carry as much as 355 lbs, one of the higher load capacities in the standing desk market. The desk is also well built and well designed, with a T-frame to support it, and it is built in with a wireless Qi charger. Plus, it has a warranty of 15 years, one of the longest in the market. PRICE: $639.99

4. Vari Standing Desk, Best Overall Standing Desk in 2023 by Tom’s Guide

Some individuals value the height adjustability of standing desks. After all, they are also called adjustable standing desks for that specific reason. However, different users look for different things. And for some users, the installation process when setting up an ergonomic workstation takes the top consideration and feature when considering an adjustable desk. This is where it excels, and the same reason brought the brand to its title of best overall standing desk because of the ease and speed by which it can be set up. Tom’s Guide says it takes only 15 minutes in total to assemble the Vari desk. PRICE: $695 basic

5. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner, Best Overall Standing Desk in 2023 by NBC News

This adjustable desk differs from all the rest of the desks here since this is the only L-shaped desk while the rest are rectangular in form. This makes it a good corner desk, which helps revamp and create an ergonomic workstation by making sure that all available spaces are utilized. L-shaped desks can typically carry more weight than other types of desks, and this standing desk from Autonomous can carry up to 400lbs. And, compared to the 2 motors of most standing desks, this one has 3, allowing it to be a heavy-duty adjustable desk. PRICE: $1,099.00

Workstation Ergonomics with Standing Desks

Are you ready to create an ergonomic workstation and live a healthier lifestyle? Look no further and narrow down your search to only the best standing desk options available out there. The Motion Series standing desk, top in the list as chosen by, is our flagship electric adjustable desk—and we’ve got more options with similar quality! Check our selection of ergonomic solutions to find the right one for you, from standing desks to ergonomic office chairs and ergo accessories, all designed to help you life a more active, happier lives. HERE OVER HERE.

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