Autonomous Chair vs MotionGrey: Ergonomic Review

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Autonomous & MotionGrey ergonomic office chairs have emerged as prominent contenders in the desk workstation space. They offer a wide range of options to suit a variety of needs, from the adjustable lumbar support and headrest to their ability to cater to a wider range of peopleNumerous studies have underscored the importance of ergonomic design in office chairs, especially for those spending an extended period sitting at their desks and these two brands stand out.

When considering ergonomic chairs, standard features like adjustable seat tilt, 4-way adjustable armrests, and breathable mesh material are pivotal. Both the MotionGrey and Autonomous chairs excel in these areas, offering adjustable recline tension and seat base for optimal comfort during prolonged periods of work. However, each has its unique approach to ergonomic solutions. While the MotionGrey chair, a staple in British Columbia’s office chair market, focuses on maintaining the natural curve of the spine, the Autonomous chair emphasizes on advanced height adjustments and adjustment levers, catering to a range of body types.

One key aspect where these chairs differ is in their market positioning. The MotionGrey ergonomic chair is often seen as a premium product, offering a blend of luxury and ergonomic features, perfect for those on a tight budget yet unwilling to compromise on quality.

In contrast, the Autonomous chair positions itself as a budget-friendly chair, providing essential ergonomic features without the premium price tag. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for a healthy alternative to a regular office chair without breaking the bank. Both chairs offer extended warranties and return policies, ensuring customer satisfaction over an extended period.

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A Review of the MotionGrey Ergonomic Chairs and the Autonomous Ergo Chairs

In this blog, we’ll take a look at two of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic chairs for office and home use: MotionGrey and Autonomous. Both offer a good range of ergo chair options that are positioned at the lower price range, marketed to individuals who are looking for high-quality chairs at affordable prices.

We’ll take a look at the selection of both ergonomic chair providers, take a look at the features of their chairs, and help you find the right chair for you.

Ergonomic Chair Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the chair is the factor that primarily determines the perfect users for the chair in terms of body weight and type, all while it also determines how many users in your space can use it (in case you are sharing your workstation). In this case, the higher the weight capacity and the wider or bigger the chair doesn’t always mean better. It’s simply a matter of choosing the chair that matches your body.

Upon closer check, it appears that the MotionGrey chairs are designed for small- to average-sized individuals. In general, the dimensions of the chairs range from 18” to 21” in width compared to the 28” to 29” width of the Autonomous chairs. The same goes for the height, ranging from 18.9” to 21” compared to the 28” to 29” height of the Autonomous chairs.

However, this doesn’t mean that a smaller chair equates to a lower weight capacity. In fact, the MotionGrey chairs pack some power in their capacity to handle weight. Its range of chairs can support weight as low as 200lbs and as high as 330lbs (compared to the capacity of the Autonomous chairs ranging from 250lbs to 300lbs).

If you are looking for the best ergonomic chair in Canada, consider weight capacity as the first factor to check. After all, no matter how good the chair is, it won’t do well for you if the weight doesn’t match.

Ergonomic Chair Lumbar Support

When looking for a new ergonomic chair for office or gaming use, you’d want one that can offer full back support no matter what position you are in—whether sitting up straight focusing on a task or reclining to take a break from work. The more positions the chair can support, the better for you.

One of the basic lumbar features of any chair is its tilt range, and in this case, the higher the range, the better. More tilt means you can recline your chair to support your body when you want to lean back to take a break from whatever it is you are doing.

In this area, MotionGrey takes the lead. The standard tilt angle for its chairs is 30 degrees, compared to the 18 to 25 degrees tilt angle of the Autonomous chairs. In addition, MotionGrey offers the Motion Space Mesh Office Chair, which can go from 90 degree to 135 degrees of recline in no time.

Apart from tilt angle, other features you will find in the MotionGrey chair are an adjustable lumbar support to protect your posture (removable), up to 3 to 5 lockable recline positions and adjustable tension, and a custom posture support available specifically for the Motion CloudMesh ergonomic chair. Meanwhile, Autonomous chairs share some of the same features, including up to 5 and as many as 11 lockable recline positions and adjustable tension.

Many of today’s ergonomic chairs share similar features, with little differences in them. But if you’re looking for features that are customized and tailor-fit to your needs, it may take some searching until you find the right one. The selection of MotionGrey caters to specialized needs for discerning users.

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Ergonomic Chair Armrest and Headrest Adjustability

Ergonomic chairs are equipped with both armrests and a headrest for additional support. The extent of the support they provide is determined by the adjustability of these components and the way they are crafted.

Headrest Adjustment

To compare, 2 of the 4 Autonomous chairs come with an adjustable headrest whereas 6 of the 7 MotionGrey chairs are offered with a headrest, some of which available with option for removability. The headrest in the MotionGrey chairs is designed for complete versatility, allowing for both adjustment in height and angle to address neck pain and prevent any spinal problems. Autonomous share the same features, although its selection of chairs that offer the feature may be limited and may not suffice for some users.

Armrest Adjustment

MotionGrey prides itself for the innovative and thoughtful design of the armrests in most of the chairs in its selection. Allowing for adjustment in 4 different directions, the armrest can: (1) offer support as needed, whether for work or play; (2) get out of the way for easy access to your surrounding space; and (3) accommodate all body types by giving users more space as needed. Compared to the armrest of Autonomous chairs, which provide the usual height and left-right adjustment, the 4D armrests of MotionGrey chairs will allow you to do more while seated.

Ergonomic Chair Seat and Cushion: Quality and Adjustability

When it comes to the seat, you’d want to look at two different factors here—the material the cushion is made of (will it last long?) and the adjustability of the seat (will it offer complete support?).

Let’s take a look at the MotionGrey ergonomic chairs. The seat is made from molded foam and covered with polyester fabric. But more than this, depending on the chair model you go for, you can benefit from a fully adjustable seatbase that is designed not only for support and comfort but also for health benefits such as improved blood circulation and lower fatigue, no matter how long you stay on the seat.

The Motion SkyMesh Office Chair, specifically, has seat adjustment capability that goes beyond height—you can also adjust the seat forward or backward, even rotate it, to accommodate your specific working needs. Even weight distribution will protect your pelvis for comfort and health, especially if you go for chair models with seat tilt adjustment.

In comparison, in the Autonomous chair lineup, only the ErgoChair Pro appears to have some neat features when it comes to the seat, with adjustable tilt and rounded edges in design to support users and ensure comfort.

Not all chairs will have all the features, but the key to finding the best ergonomic chair is to determine which specific features you most value and go for these when selecting the right ergo chair.

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Ergonomic Chair Price and Warranty

For many users looking for the right ergonomic chair, price may be the primary determining factor, including warranty. Both MotionGrey and Autonomous have made it a point to make their chairs accessible to regular users who are looking for budget-friendly chair options. Of the two, however, it is MotionGrey that offers lower-price options while ensuring reliable and trusted quality.

The Autonomous chairs range in price from $499 to $749, compared to the MotionGrey lineup which contains a chair offering that is priced as low as $179, with its higher-end chair priced at only $649.99, a hundred dollars lower than the offer of Autonomous.

In terms of warranty, MotionGrey and Autonomous have comparable coverage offer, with some chair models offered with 1 year warranty and other models with 2 years.

Cost-Effective Pricing for Premium Quality: How MotionGrey Does It

Everyone knows that operational costs can go to an exorbitant amount depending on how a solutions provider does its operations, and this cost is often passed down to consumers. Both MotionGrey and Autonomous have worked to lower their cost to make their solutions available to regular customers, but how does MotionGrey do this while being able to put the most value in its products, without having to shortchange customers?

The secret lies in these three operational elements:

More organic marketing

Marketing can eat a big chunk of any organization’s operational expense, especially among organizations who rely heavily on marketing strategies such as pay per click (PPC). While MotionGrey spends some amount on PPC marketing, most of its marketing efforts are directed at engaging actual customers and target markets.

Actual feedback on previous products bought, social media reach, influencer partnerships, and organic SEO—these are some of the marketing strategies the company employs, strategies that entail zero to minimal cost. This means the company doesn’t pass on exorbitant charges to its customers.

Investing in its own warehouse

Although purchasing a warehouse seems pricey because of the investment, MotionGrey understands that it pays off in the long run, especially for a company committed to continue to serve its customers and find new ways to address their ever-changing needs.

Lease costs have been on the rise and are expected to continue climbing in the coming years, and making an investment towards a warehouse is a big move that is expected to help the company retain its original goal, which has been to provide budget-friendly ergonomic solutions to its target market. By doing this, the company is cost-proofing its operations in the years ahead, so customers can expect that MotionGrey products will continue to be among the most competitive, quality and cost wise, in the market for years to come.

More units for less the cost

As with any business, bulk purchases often come with big discounts. And having established trusted relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, and having grown its business over the years, this is a privilege that MotionGrey now enjoys—being able to order tens of thousands of products at a lower cost than they usually come.

Having an abundant stock means the company is able to cater to customers’ needs with short lead time and, more importantly, able to get the products at a lower cost per unit. This benefit is passed on to consumers, who can enjoy the same good quality without the high price that usually comes with it.

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The MotionGrey Promise

Ever since it was founded in 2016, MotionGrey has always been in the business of providing health solutions to every modern individual—and not just solutions, but one that is available to as many individuals as possible.

In addition to this, MotionGrey has always shown support to local businesses and partners, working with local artists, organizations, and individuals to support the local community and economy. The company has always been in the lookout for new partnerships that will benefit as many members of the community as possible.

Another area that the company has focused on is sustainability, operating at the least carbon footprint. The use of sustainable and recycled materials (such as the partnership it formed in creating and offering its ChopValue standing desk) has always been one of the company’s priorities. On top of offering high-quality and high-value products, its local focus and sustainable operation going hand in hand define a big part of the MotionGrey promise and commitment to its customers.

If you’re looking for the best ergonomic chair, Canada based MotionGrey is one of the reliable providers available in the market. Check the chair features and specs to find the ergonomic chair that’s right for you.

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