Collaboration and Standing Desk: The Link that Enhances Any Work Environment

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The standing desk has always been linked with improved health in the workplace, all thanks to the opportunity it presents to workers and employees to stand more and move more at work. This is linked to a significant reduction in instances of back pain, including the lowered chances of developing conditions such as heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal problems.

However, apart from health benefits, the standing desk is also known to provide productivity benefits among users, making the workplace a more dynamic, high-powered space. And, it does not only offer individual benefits—it also provides overall group benefits by promoting collaboration in any space.

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The Standing Desk in an Open Office

Old offices used to promote an individualistic approach to work—each employee given a set of tasks that he was to complete independent of each other. In this type of environment, focus and speed are key and distractions are a no-no. These types of offices were characterized by walled cubicles that separated employees from each other.

Over the years, however, employers have started to understand the value of teamwork and collaboration in an office environment, learning that two heads are, in fact, better than one. With this understanding came the rise of open offices, workspaces that do away with the walls that separate and divide employees and workers.

Many of today’s offices are now more spacious, more open, and more dynamic, and at the center of it all is the standing desk. Canada offices have evolved to become a healthier environment designed to uphold the health and wellbeing off everyone that occupies them.


How the Standing Desk Enhances Collaboration and Teamwork

Sitting has always been associated not only with sedentary habits but also a sedentary mindset. What does this mean? This means that as much as a sedentary lifestyle is characterized by limited movement, it is also characterized by a less active, less alert, and less agile way of thinking.

The use of a standing desk enables individuals not only to become more physically active but also to become more mentally healthy, able to respond fast and well to stimulus presented to them. In a work environment, this means the ability to think fast, think clearly, and think of unconventional and innovative ideas capable of creating breakthroughs.

The use of a standing desk and the creation of an open environment that it enables allow the communication and exchange of ideas in a more natural setting, letting people feel casual and relaxed enough to think out of the box, to be creative, and to share their insights without the fear of making mistakes and being judged, one that can happen in a boxed conference room during a formal discussion.

Standing meetings around a standing desk also allow individuals to be more open to working together and collaborating, to contributing to a group effort in order to achieve great results.

Do you want to create a more open, more dynamic, and more collaborative working environment? Try standing desks! They will transform your office culture and make your employees happier and healthier.

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