Standing Desk for Gamers: Creating an Ergonomic Setup that Works

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Who says PC gaming always has to be done on your seat? Did you know that standing can increase your gaming performance and enjoyment? One player reported appreciating strategy games even more after trying to play while standing. Apart from this, breaking free from your gaming seat will definitely have health benefits that go beyond the screen and extend to real life, and for the long term.

The secret? It’s creating the right gaming station with the use of a standing desk. 

Ways to Revolutionize Your Gaming Space with a Standing Desk

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The standing desk is now a common fixture in the workplace, but more and more gamers are also starting to appreciate its benefits both in terms of improved gaming performance and improved gamers’ health. If you’re looking for ways to make your gaming space more ergonomic, a standing desk is a good foundation. Once you have it in place, consider the following to create the perfect gaming station for you and help you ease into the habit of standing while you play.

Get a standing desk with a desktop that can accommodate all your playing equipment

Do you play using multiple monitors? If you do, then the first thing to consider is the size of your desktop—find one that has enough surface area to accommodate the extra monitors without crowding you and limiting your movement.

Find a standing desk with a sturdy frame

Pair your desktop with a high-quality and stable standing desk frame. Gaming creates a more extreme environment. Apart from having to handle more gaming equipment, the desk must also be able to handle those intense moments when gamers may become overly excited. Make sure your desk has a frame that will not wobble and will remain stable in whatever gaming condition.

Invest in a high-quality mouse and mousepad

If you play games that use a mouse, you need the right pair of mouse and mousepad to ensure precise response and a smooth glide, factors that can spell the difference between a winning and a losing game. A good gaming mouse can bring you to victory, so take time to find the right one.

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Choose a standing desk with a good cable management system

The last thing you need when you’re focused on your game are wires and cables getting in your way. If you can, try to go wireless—invest in a Bluetooth mouse, headset, and keyboard. Otherwise, see to it that your desk has built-in cable management. You may also get wire sleeves and tubes to help keep your wires and cables organized.

Invest in a high-quality anti-fatigue mat

An anti-fatigue mat will help you transition from sitting to more standing as you play. It will allow you to stand longer without getting too tired so you can concentrate on your game better. If you want to make standing as you play a habit, an anti-fatigue mat is a good investment.

Are you ready to transform your gaming space? Start with a standing desk, and then build the perfect workstation and gaming lifestyle following the points below. If you’re ready, head over to our catalog to find the right standing desk and ergonomic accessories.

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