What Makes the Standing Desk a Better Choice Over a Standing Desk Converter?

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The standing desk and the standing desk converter are both ergonomic furniture capable of converting a space into a healthier one. They promote standing at work, allowing an individual to break their sedentary habits.

Most people invest in a standing desk to transform their habits and to live a healthier lifestyle. Others prefer the standing desk converter to give the lifestyle a try and see if it’s for them. So, which of the two is better? As advocates of standing in the workplace, we have one sure answer—the standing desk.

Why a Standing Desk is Better Compared to a Standing Desk Converter

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Check out the 5 different reasons we prefer a standing desk over a standing desk converter:

A standing desk is more stable and is sturdier

A standing desk is designed as a complete desk, with a high-quality frame and an equally high-quality table top. It is capable of handling all of the equipment you use for work, including multiple monitors and even a printer. That is not something you can say about a standing desk converter. As its name implies, it converts an old fixed desk by adding height to it, but it cannot hold any excess weight and can wobble in certain instances.

A standing desk is compatible with other ergonomic accessories

When creating an ergonomic space, the desk is not the only thing you have to pay attention to. Accessories such as the mouse and keyboard must be taken in consideration as well—the type that you have, including their placement. While some standing desk converters come with a keyboard tray, the provisions they have for accommodating ergonomic accessories is significantly limited compared to a standing desk, which is built to readily accept ergonomic add-ons, including a CPU holder and cable management system to keep everything in order as you work.

A standing desk is a complete workstation

Do you know that the right standing desk can accommodate two or more monitors? Or even if the one you have cannot, it can readily accept monitor arms for installation on the desk’s surface. If you are looking for a complete workstation that can hold all of your work equipment, and more, then a standing desk is your best bet.

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It creates a more open, more dynamic workspace

One of the key benefits of a standing desk is freeing up more space so you have a more open space that can ‘breathe’ better and allow you to not only breathe better, too, but to be more productive and well in your space.

It looks better overall

Imagine a modern office—open layout, a lot of white space, an airy environment, and lots of natural light coming in through the glass windows. And at the core of it all, employees working, some are seated while some are standing, and collaborating on projects around standing desks that are minimalistic and with a sleek design, giving the office a more modern look. Standing desks look so much stylish and are better at complementing the modern office environment.

Are you thinking about getting a standing desk or a standing desk converter for your space? If you’re not sure which of the two to get for your workspace, consider the benefits mentioned above. If you want to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle at work, you cannot go wrong with a standing desk

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