Top 5 Ergonomic Additions to Your Workstation this 2023

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Are you ready to face the fresh, new year? This 2023, join us in a personal mission to live healthier, fuller lives—in body, heart, and mind. Let the good energy flow in your spaces, both at home and at work. Aim to keep moving naturally with the help of ergonomic furniture (adjustable office chair and sit-stand desk) and ergonomic accessories.

Prepare for the coming year by giving your workspace an ergonomic revamp! But where should you start? When it comes to making your space more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, you will find a lot of options you can consider. And in this article, we’ll start with the basic elements of an ergonomic space.

Revamp Your Workspace this 2023 with these 5 Ergonomic Additions:

We’ll start with the basic, proven-and-tested, furniture. Then, we will add accessories to tidy up your space to improve flow. Check out the following:

Get More Support with an Ergonomic Chair

An office chair is one of the foundations of any workspace. Most individuals whose work mainly involves being on a computer will spend a big part of their day seated on a chair. Unfortunately, many of today’s chairs are not designed ergonomically. This means they lack proper lumbar support, are not adjustable enough to cater to the unique needs of the user’s body, or they have limited adjustability for the back, arms, neck, and head.

ergonomic office chairs

This 2023, prioritize self-care by investing in an ergonomic office chair. Pick one that is designed for your specific body type and build. Look for a wide range of adjustability features to help your body stay in its natural state the best way possible. For a complete guide on shopping for ergonomic office chairs, check out this LINK.

Be More Active with a Standing Desk

Within your workspace, you can consider your office desk as your central space. It is where you place all of the primary materials and equipment you use for work, after all. How can a simple desk help you stay healthier and improve the flow in your space? Well, like we mentioned earlier on in this post, natural movement is key when it comes to maintaining proper flow in your space.

standing desk

By upgrading your traditional desk into a standing desk, you can significantly improve the way you move in your space. An adjustable sit-stand desk that you can easily adjust from sitting to standing height will help you create a more active lifestyle as you work. If you are considering an electric standing desk for your workspace in 2023, check out this POST or this POST for options.

Personalize Your Space with a Handmade and Functional Table Top

You can enjoy both function and aesthetics in your space if you choose what you add to it carefully. If you already have a standing desk frame but want to upgrade your table top to a size that fits your needs better, or to a top that will give your space character, you can choose one that is customized for you.

Pick a table top with the right color to complement your workspace or a bold design to amp it up. Choose one with a smooth edge and the right shape to help you get access to all the things you need easily and effortlessly. With the right table top, you can create an ergonomic space and design work zones that will work best for you. For more information on this, you can check our previous post HERE.

table top

Be a Master Organizer with a High-Quality File Cabinet

Apart from investing in ergonomic equipment that will help you get proper support and encourage you to move more, another effective way to improve ergonomics in your workspace is to give everything a space and thereby reduce clutter. A trusty rolling file cabinet can help you. Clear your desk of paper files and loose items, throw away what you don’t need, and place everything that’s left in a highly organized cabinet to help you tidy up.

The right file cabinet will be able to hold all your things, and more, and will be easily movable around your space for when you need to reorganize and arrange your furniture. Find a high-quality and sturdy cabinet and create more breathing room in your space.

under desk drawer

Tidy Up with an Under-Desk Drawer or a Cable Tray

Another option for tidying up is an under-desk drawer and a cable tray. An under-desk drawer is ideal for holding all your small office supplies (i.e. loose paper clips, pens, staple wires), while a cable tray is for safekeeping all the wires from your electronic equipment to keep them from causing clutter and potential hazard.

There are different types of under-desk drawers available for you, most of which can be readily installed in your existing adjustable desk. The same is true for cable trays—these can be readily installed with simple tools and minimal skill needed, so you can tidy up your space and prepare for the coming New Year without much effort required.

So, what does your workspace need to get it ready for 2023? A new ergonomic chair, standing desk, or a table top? How about a rolling file cabinet, an under-desk drawer, or a cable tray? No matter what it is, you can find the right one in our catalog. All the ergonomic equipment you need—right here! Browse our selection and start your workspace revamp in time for 2023! Happy new year!

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