Desky Standing Desk: Is It for You?

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Shopping for a new standing desk and wondering whether the Desky standing desk is worth your hard-earned money? In some of our previous posts, we did individual and comparative reviews of some of the popular ergonomic standing desks in Canada, and Desky is one of the brands we reviewed. Looking back and checking all the information we have about the brand, in this post we’ll help you decide whether the Desky standing desk is the right ergonomic solution based on your lifestyle and need.

Desky Standing Desk

Let’s take a closer look at the Desky standing desk.

The Desky brand is an ergonomic furniture brand that offers standing desks for office and gaming use, desk frames, adjustable ergonomic chairs, and other ergo accessories. It has presence in both Canada and Australia. And for its standing desks, it offers both manual and electric standing desk, with several models under each variety.

For the purpose of this article, we are taking a look at the mid-range Desky standing desk model, the dual mini sit stand desk. Here are some of the basics:

  • It comes with a dual motor, which gives it the capability to carry more weight all while being stable
  • It has a 3-segment telescopic frame, which enables it to have a wide height range for its users
  • It comes in either white or black desktop options, ideal for an office setting

Now that we have these, let’s take a look at the features that will likely matter to you when considering whether this desk is a good option or not.

Choose the Desky standing desk if:

  • You want a desk that can carry a significant amount of weight.

If you have a lot of equipment and work materials that you will need to place on the desk, then you will love the high load capacity of the desk at 308 lbs. It’s one of the higher load capacities out there and is ideal for the user who may have dual monitors and those who want to decorate their desks with other extras.

  • You want stable and quiet operation.

The Desky standing desk promises a speed of 1.4” per second and an operating noise of 40dB. Both numbers are good, promising speedy desk movement even when the desk is loaded, and a quiet operation that will offer no distraction for those days when you need to focus on work.

Now we have the good, let’s take a look at the not so good.

Don’t choose the Desky standing desk if:

  • You are a significantly taller user than most people.

The Desky standing desk has a height range of up to 49.2”. And while this is already tall, there are significantly better height range being offered out there for users who are taller than most, with some going over 50”. Check if the height is sufficient for you before making any purchase.

  • You want a more budget friendly option with comparable specs.

The Desky standing desk is so much pricier compared to standing desks with similar or comparable specs. The Desky Dual Mini sit stand desk is offered at ~$770 CAD, whereas you will find a comparable standing desk at only ~$500. Before you go for this desk, check the specs carefully to see if they are worth the investment.

motiongrey standing desk

Given all these information, don’t forget to compare and contrast, to look for other comparable options and look closely at the features that are more important to you. With the right amount of time spent carefully reviewing your options, you’ll definitely find the right ergonomic standing desk soon!

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