Developing Eco-Friendly Consciousness During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is about to begin. This month’s Thanksgiving celebration will officially kickstart the season, and most of us will find ourselves in the usual joyful frenzy and holiday excitement that seem to characterize these next few coming months.


While there are so many things we can talk about when it comes to the holidays, today we’d like to bring eco consciousness into focus as we begin this new month and this new season.

Why Talk About Eco Consciousness?

The holiday season (and even our day-to-day life, but more so the holidays) is characterized by giving, by spending, by celebrating—in short, consumption. And consumption has its consequences, such as the depletion of resources and the creation of by-products that may or may not be harmful to people and the environment.

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Consumption is normal, and it’s part of the natural order in the world. Except today, we’ve already reached a level of imbalance—because we consume more than we produce. And so, we’re seeing resources being depleted faster than they are replaced. Add mindless consumption into the mix and we have pollution created by improperly disposed products, flooding caused by excessive trash in the environment, and other seemingly natural disasters that in fact have man-made causes.

What Can We Do?

Another reason we want to talk about eco consciousness is the fact that while people seem to be causing the problem, the solution also lies in us. So, what are the solutions?


This is not new. It is an advocacy that has been here for years. The concepts of minimalism, downgrading, and simplifying all root from this—reduce excessive consumption. Stick to just what we need.

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How many times do we find ourselves splurging on items we will seldom use during the holiday season because we think we deserve a treat? How many times have we overspent on food only to have too much excess thrown away after?

So reduce—be mindful of the things we spend our money on and make sure we get only what we need.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

This is the truth: some of the items we have at home harm the environment. These can include chemically laden products and items made from non-biodegradable materials that pollute the environment when we dispose them.

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Here is another truth: for most, if not all, of these items, we can find a more environment-friendly alternative. For the disposable utensils we use during the holidays, there are proper utensils available that we won’t need to throw away after. And do we really need plastic packaging for gifts? Or can we use paper, even recycle old magazines and let our creativity shine when wrapping our gifts?

What items do you use during the holidays can you replace with more eco-friendly options?

The Issue of Quality Over Quantity

Chances are you’ve heard this before, and it’s true. Some of the items we get are so much pricier than others, but they return more value because they last so much longer and are therefore less likely to become trash soon.

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When investing in anything, from holiday gifts to home or office furniture, make sure they are of good and lasting quality, even if they’re a little bit pricier than your usual go-to products. You'll enjoy much better use out of them compared to cheap, sub-quality items.  

So, are you ready to start your journey to a more eco-conscious lifestyle? Start small, start simple, and just keep going. We’ll have more posts on the topic soon to help you get started.

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