Top 10 Ergonomic Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

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It’s a week before Thanksgiving, and we’re excited! We’re sure you are, too—have you found the perfect thanksgiving gift for your loved ones yet? We’ve lined up a unique list for you. Why not share ergonomic gifts this year?

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Why ergonomic gifts, you say? For one, almost 90% of the organizations worldwide has encouraged their employees to work from home during the pandemic, some of which even made remote set-up mandatory for their workforce.

Chances are, many of your friends have been working from home this past year. For some, this was a major and a continuing adjustment. Why not help them out by giving practical gifts to improve their work-from-home experience?

Let’s take a look at the top ergonomic gifts you can choose from!

From accessories to complete office equipment, from affordable options to more pricey ones, we have a complete list for you.

To care for your hands and wrists: Mouse & Keyboard

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) ranks as the most common hand and wrist injury affecting up to almost 6% of the general population, and it is caused by doing repetitive motion such as typing or clicking a computer mouse. Incorrect hand posture due to poorly designed mouse and keyboard contributes to the compression of the median nerves along the wrist, which then leads to CTS, a painful and often debilitating wrist condition.

ergonomic mouce

An ergonomic mouse can prevent the problem by providing your palm with an ergonomic surface to rest on and repositioning your hand so that it doesn’t need to bend at an unnatural angle. The right mouse can significantly reduce fatigue.


Meanwhile, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to provide a more natural position for both hands. This is done by separating the keyboard into two—left and right, each side tilted to encourage a relaxed position for the hands and prevent strain.

To care for your eyes: Desk Light

Ergonomics is not only about posture; it’s about the wellbeing of your entire body, including your eyes. Not all homes get enough natural light, but a desk light can provide added lighting to prevent squinting and glare that can cause a wide range of conditions such as eye strain and headache.

desk light

Choose between different designs, functions, and features to find the perfect light for your loved one.

To care for your back muscles: Cushions and Chairs

Imagine sitting for a whole day on a hard chair with thin foam and unstable support. By the end of the day, you’re all sore and tired. You can provide some comfort to your loved one by getting a back or a seat cushion. It will provide the right level of softness and firmness so that it doesn’t sag but it’s not too hard, either.

ergonomic chair

If you want to go the extra mile, you can get a new ergonomic chair complete with all the adjustable features needed to keep your loved one’s working days comfortable and pain-free.

To care for your feet and legs: Foot Rest and Anti-Fatigue Mat

When sitting or standing for a long time, your feet and legs at rest can suffer from discomfort due to improper blood circulation. Varicose veins and other similar conditions are a side effect of this.

anti fatigue mat

A foot rest can help elevate your feet when you’re seated so that they’re at a more comfortable position. Meanwhile, an anti-fatigue mat will provide a soft standing surface to absorb the strain when you stand for hours while working. These are ergonomic gifts that can go a long way in providing comfort and promoting health.

To care for your body (overall): Desk Converter and Standing Desk

Standing while working is proven to have its benefits. It reduces back pain, even burns calories, and is known to increase focus and productivity.

desk converter

A desk converter is a perfect gift for loved ones who want to break free from a sedentary lifestyle and want to try standing more at work. You just place it on one end of your existing desk so that you have both a sitting desk on one end and a standing desk on the other end, making it easier to alternate between sitting and standing.

standing desk set up

Meanwhile, if you have a loved one who is now into the sit-stand lifestyle, then a standing desk is an ideal thanksgiving gift. It’s modern, stylish, functional, and easy to use—nothing beats saying you care for their wellbeing at work than a complete electric desk.

To care for your safety and sanity: Under-Desk Cable Organizer

When you look into a typical work-from-home space, one of the first things you will likely notice is an abundance of cables. And these are not just a sore in the eyes—they also add to mental fatigue. Clutter is tiring to look at, not to say dangerous to safety and wellbeing.

under desk cable organizer

Cable management is not often prioritized, but your loved ones will definitely appreciate an under desk cable organizer to help clean up their space.

Ready for thanksgiving? With all the thanksgiving gift options above, you can find one for each member of your family. From your techy brother to your fitness enthusiast best friend, there’s a perfect gift waiting. Happy thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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