Ergonomic Chair vs. Stool: Which is Better?

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 Want to combat prolonged sitting, poor posture, and your overall sedentary lifestyle? It’s time to put more thought on the equipment that you use both at home and at work. Changing your lifestyle entails changing your habits, and the first thing to do would be to invest in ergonomic equipment that will support new, healthier habits. Have you considered the use of an ergonomic chair or a stool?

Both office equipment are ergonomic in nature, and both are deemed a good solution to the rising health crisis associated with people sitting more and moving less. Both can also be paired with the wonder that is the standing desk—but which one should you get, you may ask.


In this blog post, let’s take a look at the differences, the similarities, and the benefits offered by ergonomic chairs and stools.

The Ergonomic Chair

It is, basically, an office chair. However, unlike typical office chairs, ergonomic chairs are designed to be fully adjustable so that they match and support the natural shape of your body.

ergonomic office chair
  • The back support of an ergonomic chair may have an adjustable lumbar support that will support and keep your back comfortable.
  • The same back support may have a wide range of tilt angles to give you the right position for work or for rest, as well as adjustable tilt tension for either support or relaxation.
  • Ergonomic chairs may also have the option of 4D armrests, which do not only adjust vertically in height but also horizontally—you can move them backward and forward, side to side, or diagonally depending on the support or space that you need.
  • An ergonomic chair may also have an adjustable headrest, which will support not only your head but also your neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Ergonomic chairs come in different types of materials, the most common of which are mesh and leather. Whether it’s comfort that you need, a premium executive look, or a minimalist appeal, the ergonomic chair can give you that.

The Stool

An ergonomic stool is also a form of ergonomic chair, except that it is typically higher than a regular office chair and has no back support.

In the quest for ergonomic solutions, one of the habits people discovered to be helpful for those who need to do computer work everyday is alternating between sitting and standing. The use of a standing desk and ergonomic chair is crucial to achieving the right ratio of that.

ergonomic stool

Now, in between sitting and standing is what is called perching. You may think of it as semi-standing. You are slightly standing, but also slightly sitting because there is support for your body, but all while allowing you to still stand and stretch your legs. This is where a stool is handy—it is designed for perching.

Here are some of the benefits of perching:

  • It will keep you active on your chair, meaning your muscles are constantly engaged, so you are never sedentary.
  • It will give you the energy and allow you to stand longer—the moment you get tired, just use a stool to get extra support without sitting down.
  • A stool will help you become more agile and dynamic at work, making it easier to reach for things across the desk, move around, and simply remain active.
  • The use of a stool can maintain high energy level, especially during the dead hours such as after lunch or afternoon.
  • A stool is never completely still, so the constant balancing that you do will ensure you also constantly correct your posture.

Which Should You Choose—An Ergonomic Chair or a Stool?

The truth is that ergonomic chairs and stools are different. This means they cannot be used interchangeably, because one cannot do the function of the other. What they can do, though, is complement each other so that they give you the most benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

The key to getting the most benefits out of an ergonomic chair and a stool is to develop a routine for sitting, standing, and perching that will work for you. The recommended amount of standing per hour is from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on how new you are in the habit and on your capacity to stand.

As you build your standing time, the use of a stool can help you stand longer while supported, making it easy to develop the habit and ease yourself into standing more.

standing desk

Pairing Your Ergonomic Chair and Stool with the Right Standing Desk

One other key to getting the most out of both your ergonomic chair and stool is to invest in the right adjustable desk, an electric desk that you can set at the right sitting height, standing height, and, yes, even perching height. Get the right sit stand desk—Canada will give you several options when it comes to high-quality ergonomic equipment.

Choose an electric desk with a powerful motor and a wide height adjustment range, as well as one that can handle the weight of all your office equipment. For optimum comfort, choose that with a lower operating noise and a higher speed.

And while you can customize your space with the right ergonomic chair—in material, design, and colors—you can also customize your standing desk with the frame and desktop style and paint color. All of these, we have them here at MotionGrey, your one-stop shop for all ergonomic equipment and accessories.

Ergonomic chairs made from mesh or leather? Office chairs or gaming chairs? Single motor or dual motor desks, L-shaped desks, customized desktops? We have these, including accessories that will help you continue building a more active work life and a healthier lifestyle.

Browse our catalog here at MotionGrey to find the ergonomic solutions that you need.

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