Ergonomic Office Chair and Gaming Chair: Do You Really Need Two Chairs?

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Ergonomics is a popular concept in the workplace, but it actually goes beyond this space. In every space you move in, you have to think about how your body adapts to the space and then find a way to design the space and all the elements in it so that it is comfortable and healthy for you.

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Consider ergonomic chairs. Starting out in the workplace, they are now offered in different variety for different uses. First, you have the ergonomic office chair. In Canada, gaming chairs have also now risen in popularity. If you’re a gamer, it’s now easier to focus on your game without all the discomfort and back pain from sitting with the right chair.

But do you really need two chairs, one for work and one for gaming?

The quick answer is YES. An ergonomic desk chair and a gaming chair have different features and benefits. However, there are certain factors to consider according to your own situation.

In Canada, ergonomic office chairs are built for support and comfort throughout long hours of sitting. Their design focuses on features such as lumbar support, recline angles, and other adjustability features. Focus is also given on the chair material used.

Meanwhile, the design of gaming chairs is focused on enhancing gaming performance and experience, including chair aesthetics. You will find gaming chairs with built-in speaker on the headrest, including cool-looking features such as LED lights.

While the ergonomic desk chair is primarily designed to offer support to the user during long hours of use, the support gaming chairs offer isn’t as long term. It is not a good option if your work involves being seated for a prolonged period of time.

However, as mentioned earlier in this post, there are factors to consider in case you need both chairs but you cannot get two at once due to budget constraints or even space issues.

There are gaming chairs that are equipped with a more ergonomic design, built for function more than style, although they may be offered at a higher rate. We advise to carefully check the specifications and make sure that the chair has the features that you need.


Finding the Right Ergonomic Chairs

Whether it’s an ergonomic office chair that you need or a gaming chair, remember to look at the right basic features to ensure that you get the most benefits from the chair:

  • Look into the adjustability, from seat height to armrest and headrest adjustment
  • Check the back support, from the lumbar support to the tilt angle
  • Pay attention to the chair material

The right ergonomic chair will determine both your comfort and your health as you stay seated, whether for a few minutes or longer. Find the right chair in our catalog. We have a selection of high-quality ergonomic chairs for every type of user. Pick the right one and give your space an ergonomic enhancement.

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