How to Stay Healthy in Your Ergonomic Chair When Gaming

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Do you spend a considerable amount of time in front of your computer playing games? Rest and recreation are important to keeping a healthy mental state, and it can be good practice in decision making and strategic thinking depending on the kind of games that you play.

However, if you want to manage your game time and ensure that you get the benefits without the risks of prolonged sitting, having an ergonomic chair is helpful, especially one for gaming. Next to getting a dedicated ergonomic gaming chair, remember to use it well and to practice good playing habits so you can stay healthy.

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The Right Habits to Remember in the Use of an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The first step is always to find the right chair, one with sufficient features to help you stay comfortable and well supported while engaged in your game. Next is to remember the following:

Pay attention to your posture

It’s easy to forget your sitting posture and to slouch or sit in awkward positions while playing, but remember to be mindful and to correct your sitting posture now and again so you don’t end up with back pain and other problems caused by sitting on the chair.

Check your monitor placement

If you’re the kind of gamer who uses multiple monitors, pay attention to how well they are placed in your space. Ensure that you get a good and comfortable view without straining your eyes or your neck muscles from overextending.

Use the right accessories

If you play with keyboard and mouse, choose ergonomic varieties. These will prevent discomfort, which can be a distraction to your game. They will also keep you comfortable, allowing you to play well without distraction. Other accessories you can go for are keyboard tray for easier adjustment of keyboard height, footrest to keep your legs comfortable, and Bluetooth headset to reduce wires which may hinder your movements while playing.

Game in moderation

Don’t forget to get up from your chair after every few minutes or every hour. This will allow you to stretch your body, correct your posture, or perhaps get some water and stay hydrated. This will also give your eyes and hands/fingers a break from too much playing.

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Remember that you can still enjoy computer games without falling into sedentary habits. The key is to get the right chair, to design your gaming station well, and then practice the right habits so you can take care of your body while having fun.

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