Finding the Right Mesh Office Chair: Shopping Guide and Tips

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Looking for an ergonomic office chair and considering a mesh type? A mesh office chair offers several advantages over other types of office chairs, such as leather. Take a look at the following reasons why a mesh office chair is the better choice:

  • A mesh office chair is more comfortable to use because it is more breathable. While leather chairs can trap heat and cause discomfort, mesh chairs will ensure you stay calm and cool no matter the temperature.
  • A mesh office chair has a minimalist style, which gives it a sleek look that will perfectly complement modern office spaces,
  • Compared to a leather chair, a mesh office chair is more compact and will not take up a lot of space.
  • A mesh office chair is also generally more affordable compared to a leather chair.

If you choose the right mesh ergonomic chair, you can be sure to enjoy a reliable work partner that will keep you comfortable, help you maintain proper sitting posture, and all while giving your space a stylish appeal.

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Now the next question is—how do you find the right mesh office chair?

Guide to Mesh Office Chair Shopping

When shopping for a mesh ergonomic chair, there are several things you’d need to look into to ensure that you find the perfect chair for you and your space. Here we outline three things to consider before you pick the right ergonomic office chair for you.

Know your body type

Different mesh chairs come in different sizes, height ranges, and styles, and it is important you find the right one that will specifically match your body. Do you need more sitting space? Are you taller than most users? You must consider these things before you pick the mesh office chair for you.

Some mesh chairs are wider, perfect if you need more space to sit on while allowing you to move freely around your space. In addition, check the height range of specific chairs and ensure that your chosen ergonomic office chair will accommodate your height.

Check your space

There are spacious offices, and then there are small and limited spaces. While mesh chairs in general are less bulky compared to other types of chair, you still need to check and ensure that your chosen mesh office chair will fit your space.

Mesh chairs are ideal for use in open office spaces, as well as in cubicles. Pick the right color and style to match your office environment.

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Determine what features you need

One good thing about the best mesh office chairs in Canada these days is the wide variety of features available—you will never run out of options. Below are some of the extra features you may want to consider and check when shopping for a mesh office chair:

Lumbar Support

    This is an adjustable extra support at the back to keep your spine in its natural shape and keep you comfortable and pain-free. Some chairs have it, and some don’t—check if this is something you will need to have in your chair.

    4D Armrests

      All office chairs these days have a pair of armrests, but most of these are your regular armrests that you can adjust in height only to support your arms when you are typing. There are, however, more advanced armrests that can move in four different ways—not only up and down but also forward and backward, left and right, and then diagonally. These types of armrests are helpful when you need more space for added mobility, and you may opt to get a mesh office chair with this type of armrests if you need to be more mobile in your chair.


        This is a comfortable addition that will give extra support to your head, neck, shoulders, and upper back, and it is especially helpful during those long hours when you find yourself glued to your chair finishing a report or during those late nights trying to prepare work presentations. The support of a headrest will definitely contribute towards less fatigue and less pain.

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        The MotionGrey Mesh Office Chair

        If you are in the market looking for a mesh ergonomic chair and you have checked the guide above and considered your body type and your needs, your space, and the features you want to have in a mesh office chair, we are happy to share that we have a wide selection you can select from in our catalog.

        We have mesh chairs with the features mentioned above, as well as ergonomic chairs for different body types and for different spaces, both for office and for home use. We have high-back mesh chairs that will offer complete back support, mesh chairs for both work and gaming, as well as chairs designed to follow your body’s natural shape to ensure that you stay comfortable no matter how long you stay on the chair and no matter what type of activity you are doing.

        Stay tuned for more about the specific ergonomic office chairs we offer at MotionGrey!

        Apart from office chairs, MotionGrey also offers a wide selection of standing desks and ergonomic accessories. All of our ergonomic solutions are designed for different types of users, made from high-quality materials and offered at reasonable prices. Check our catalog to find the right ergonomic solutions for you!

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