How to Make this Thanksgiving Just a Little Bit Healthier and Safer

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Ah, Thanksgiving. An opportunity to be together with loved ones, to take a break from our daily routine, and to celebrate and give thanks for the year that passed. This is an avenue for creating new memories with the people who are important to us, as well as a time when most of us allow ourselves to lay back and indulge a little.


However, all of the merriment and fun can make some people just a wee bit more careless and less mindful of their environment and their actions around this time of the year—leading to accidents and certain health problems. Why don’t we make this promise to make this year’s Thanksgiving safer and healthier?

Tips for a Safer and Healthier Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, accidents and health problems can occur inside and outside of the house, but many of these can be avoided and controlled with mindfulness and caution. Check out the following:

Eat in moderation

Thanksgiving gives people permission to splurge, to break their diet for a little while and indulge in food and booze, but this can contribute to certain health issues such as heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes. If you are already suffering from minor forms of these problems, overeating and overdrinking can exacerbate the problem.

thanksgiving meal

If you feel the need to eat more than usual, make sure you make up for it by staying active and doing your regular exercise, as well as avoiding sitting for too long, especially after a meal. Of course, these won’t completely make up for the excess food, so moderate as much as you can.

Be extra cautious in your Thanksgiving preparations

Some of the most common injuries during Thanksgiving are burns and cuts caused by all the cooking and food preparations.


If you’re in charge in the kitchen during this time, prepare for the occasion by getting your knives properly sharpened (to avoid slipping and injury when forcing a dull knife to cut something), getting proper oven mittens, as well as having first aid kit at home so you are ready just in case an accident happens.

Avoid slips and falls

The chaos in the kitchen (wet floor, yikes!), the slippery yard, and the increased activity at home can often lead to accidents. If you’re hanging decors and you’re not careful, it’s also easy to fall and injure yourself. 


Avoid these accidents by staying physically fit to prepare for the extra Thanksgiving activities. Keep your home neat and tidy by stowing away clutter, organizing your cables and cords, and having all the items you will need within easy reach.

Watch your back (literally!)

Slipping and falling can cause obvious problems, but there are activities during Thanksgiving that may seem safe but can in fact cause damage in the long run.

working in a couch

Need to lift heavy materials? Avoid harming your back by practicing proper lifting posture. Trying to get some work done around the holiday? Instead of working slouched on your couch in front of the TV, find a proper desk and corner for you—you’ll finish your work faster and you’ll be taking care of your back, too.

Mindfulness and care can go a long way, and this will help you get through Thanksgiving with no injuries and only good memories.

Drive safely

…And don’t drink and drive!

car accident

Slippery and icy roads don’t make for a perfect driving condition, and things can get worse if you’re not fully paying attention because you had too much to drink. The roads during Thanksgiving can be particularly tricky because a lot of people are out trying to buy stuff and get things done, and many are in a rush. Make sure you’ll survive this holiday without scratch by being on full alert.

Thanksgiving can be a crazy holiday, but it is also tons of fun as long as you stay mindful and safe. Keep the tips above in mind as you prepare for this Thanksgiving, and have a wondrous, joyful celebration! And thank you for supporting us!

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