Guide to Office Design with an Ergonomic Desk Chair

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When it comes to styling your office, some of the top ideas you have may have to do with carpeting, curtains, and decors such as art pieces or even plants. However, before you move to all of those things, the first thing to actually check are the core elements of your space—your office desk and office chair. And if you want something that is not only for style but is also practical, you may have started considering ergonomic furniture. A pair of ergonomic desk chair and standing desk would be a perfect choice.

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So, how can you liven up a place with a chair?

That is a valid question, and one that is worth considering. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, you actually have several things you can look into, primary of which will be the chair material, color, and style.

Chair material: Leather and Mesh

These are two of the most common options you will find when you look into ergonomic chairs in the market today, and they each have a specific set of benefits.

Leather gives off a more formal, executive-type look in an office. If you want your space to look professional, especially if it’s one where you receive clients, then a leather chair would be a great choice. Meanwhile, mesh is typically picked for its breathability and lightness. If you want comfort in a chair, then mesh will definitely be a great pick. It also gives off a minimalist look that is ideal for the modern office.

Chair color: Earth and bold tones

Although you’ll find most ergonomic desk chairs today in black color, the truth is that the options out there are almost endless—you just need to look. And depending on the energy you want to create in your space, you typically have an option between earth tones (black, white, gray, brown, etc.) for a calm, professional appeal and colorful tones (red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.) for a bolder kick in terms of appeal. Choose the one that matches your taste and the look you want to create in your space.


Chair Style

The options for style are almost equally endless as colors, and this is usually connected to function. Check out this guide:

  • Low back or high back chair. The high back chair looks more professional while the low back chair looks more modern and sleek.
  • Regular armrest or 4D armrest. This is more than just a matter of style but more so of comfort. A 4D armrest is not only more modern but also provides more functionality than a regular armrest.
  • Lumbar support design. Some ergonomic chairs that are designed with focus on back support appear cooler and more chic because of the additional lumbar mechanisms they come with. Again, this is a matter of style and function in one.

Ergonomic desk chairs go beyond office design, and that is great. With a carefully selected chair, you can get both a chic-looking chair and one that will guarantee great body support. Find the right chair in our catalog

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