How to Choose the Right Modern Filing Cabinet to Update Your Workspace

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Clutter in your workspace affecting your productivity and wellbeing? It’s time to tidy up! Workplace clutter can have serious consequences on both individuals and businesses. For one, it affects a person’s work mindset—clutter can cause distraction. And, according to studies, clutter in the workplace can cost businesses up to $2.5 million from loss of productivity.

If your workplace is starting to feel suffocating because of too much stuff around you, it’s time to take some serious action. Consider investing in a modern file cabinet to give all your work materials, supplies, and files their own storage space.

Filing cabinets are a key furniture in most workspaces, but a lot of workplaces have started to do away with them in favor of more open floor plans—bulky cabinets don’t seem to fit in the overall visual layout. If you want this but still need a space for all your stuff, the answer is a modern file cabinet—sleek, minimalist, and will go with any space.

Finding the Right Modern Filing Cabinet: Here’s What You Should Look For

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Need a filing cabinet that doesn’t look like your typical bulky cabinet which occupies the entire space? All you need is find the right one! When shopping for a file cabinet, consider the following:

Go for cabinets with enough space for everything

You have your paper documents and files, your office supplies, your gadgets, materials that will need their own space to keep them from cluttering your desk. Find a modern file cabinet that will have enough compartments to handle all these, and one that will utilize vertical space—that is, instead of a wide cabinet, invest in a tall one.

Look for a metal cabinet with a neutral color

Neutral color makes a filing cabinet blend easily with any space, reducing visual clutter. Choose a black or a white color to create a professional, clean look in your space. Find one that is lockable, able to keep all your documents safe and sound.

Invest in a rolling filing cabinet

Most importantly, when it comes to space saving and keeping your workspace well organized, a modern file cabinet is one that you can easily move around for easy organization and tidying up, as needed. Go for one with wheels, a filing cabinet that you can easily move and stow away under your desk if you need extra space, or place close by and use the top surface to hold more of your stuff, as needed.

motiongrey modern filing cabinet

The MotionGrey Modern Filing Cabinet

For all your organization and safe storage needs, check out the modern file cabinet we offer here at MotionGrey. It is a rolling file cabinet that is made from high-grade steel, durable and long-lasting, capable of holding a large number of documents and other office supplies. The cabinet comes with smooth curves, a sleek paint design in elegant black and white, and wheels and casters of the highest quality. It comes with lockable drawers, guaranteed to keep everything in it safe and secure. It is both a practical and aesthetic addition to any workspace, whether in the office or at home.

Check our catalog to find this modern file cabinet—it’s the perfect addition to your space!

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