The Best Way to Organize Your Workspace with a Filing Cabinet

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In this day and age of endless distractions, with one new thing springing up almost every day, and FOMO becoming a real fear for so many people, it can be a challenge to find some peace and quiet in your day. Creating a space where you can just be with yourself, centered and grounded, has become so important. But how do you create that space? The answer is simple—keep your space clutter free and organized. A filing cabinet, among other organizational solutions, can be a great help in achieving that.

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Filing Cabinet: A Home for All the Important Stuff

A filing cabinet is a practical organizational solution for every workspace. It can tidy up a space and give it a more professional, well thought out look. The key is to find the right one—a filing cabinet with the right size, made from high-quality materials, and has features that are specifically suited to your organizing needs.

Organize Like a Pro with the Right Filing Cabinet

So how can you use a file cabinet to amp up, tidy up, and organize your workspace? Check out our tips below:

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Utilize Vertical Space

This is a basic organizing concept that you will encounter everywhere. Choose height over width. When investing in a file cabinet, go for taller ones with several compartments instead of a wide cabinet that will likely occupy more (horizontal) space. This is especially helpful if you have a limited workspace and need as much free space as possible.

Find a Cabinet You Can Stow Under Your Desk

Under desk storage is an effective solution for those with limited space. One thing you can do is install under desk storage on your desk, but another thing is to simply invest in a filing cabinet that is small enough to fit under your desk but spacious enough to hold all your important documents. If you have a standing desk, find a file cabinet that can fit under the desk when it is in its lowest setting.

Choose a Rolling Filing Cabinet

In relation to above point, a rolling cabinet is a versatile, practical, and easy storage investment. Mobile filing cabinets are a must in every modern workspace. They are easy to organize and move around as needed during cleaning and organizing days, and most of them come in a sleek design that complements the visual of any space.

Establish a File Organization System

Now that we have looked into the external space around the cabinet, let’s look inside. Save not only on space but also on time by making sure you employ a file organization that works for you. This is to make sure that looking for files will be easy and fast and that you won’t have to spend long hours searching through your cabinet just for that one-page contract that you need. Some people color code to organize their files, assigning colors to specific categories. Others simply label the files or the filing cabinet compartment so they know where to search for specific items. Find the organization system that works for you and use it.

Do Away with Unnecessary Clutter

Perhaps the most important of all, even before you plan to organize, is to make sure that you declutter first. No matter how good your filing cabinet is, you will almost always find clutter in your space if you have so much more stuff than your space can handle. So, first things first—remove anything you don’t need. Old magazines? Paid bills? That printed invitation you got to last year’s party? It’s time to do away with them. Keep only what’s necessary and organize them properly.

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