L Shaped Standing Desk: Is It for You?

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Since the standing desk rose in popularity some years back, several innovations and variations of the desks have been introduced to cater to the changing needs of users. In Canada, standing desk innovations come in different types and use various technologies, giving individuals options to find the one that works for them best.

Of the many standing desk innovations available, one that has become a favorite is the L shaped standing desk. Compared to the more advanced innovations out there, such as the treadmill desk or the stationary bike standing desk, the standing L shaped desk is much simpler in design and is engineered with a simpler technology. It is perhaps the closest variety to the original standing desk, which means that it carries the basic solid properties that make a standing desk work without being too complex for users.

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How to Know if the L-Shaped Standing Desk is for You

Are you thinking of getting a standing desk and considering the L shape stand desk as an option? Or, do you have a regular standing desk and is wondering whether it’s time to upgrade to an L shaped standing desk? Let this article help you decide whether the standing L shaped desk is a perfect fit for you and your office.

The standing L shaped desk is ideal for specific users and specific room setups. This is an excellent choice if:

You need more space in your desk to hold all your work equipment and materials

Compared to your regular standing desk, which is a straight rectangle in shape, the L-shaped standing desk offers more surface area. It’s like two standing desks combined, arranged in the shape of a letter L to give you more space for all your work materials.

If you use several monitors, a regular standing desk may not be able to accommodate all of the monitors because of the limited space. The L shape standing desk will have no problem handling these, and more.

You find yourself constantly multitasking

With the wider space that the L shaped standing desk offers, it’s easier to create mini workstations in the desk for the different tasks that you do throughout the day. One area of the desk could be for all the computer work that you need to do, a dynamic space where all activities happen—answering emails, taking calls, etc. Another area could be your focus space, when you need to hatch ideas and need some time to concentrate on certain tasks.

With the increased amount of surface area that a standing L shaped desk provides, it’s easy to establish boundaries between the different types of work that you do. And for many people, this proves more effective in accomplishing more in a day.

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You have an open space that you want to put some structure in

Open offices are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They promote a dynamic office environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork. In these types of working environment, an L-shaped standing desk works because it can give you the best of both worlds—the open atmosphere that makes a modern office work, as well as your own space that an L shape stand desk can create and establish.

You can do away with a traditional cubicle while still being able to maintain your own space, all thanks to the design of this standing desk.

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