Questions to Ask When Upgrading to an L Shaped Standing Desk

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Think it’s time to upgrade to an L shaped standing desk? If you’ve been using a regular standing desk and you have some work requirements that it can no longer meet, then an L shape stand desk is an alternative that is available for you. If this is your first foray into the use of standing desks, the L shaped desk is also a good desk to start on.

But how do you know if this is the right desk upgrade? How do you know that it is a good fit for you, your lifestyle, and your space? Well, there are some questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether the L shaped standing desk will work well for you.

L shaped standing desk

Ask yourself these questions before deciding to go for an L shaped standing desk

These questions will help you decide whether an L shape stand desk will match your space and your lifestyle. Check out the following:

What are the size and specifications of your space?

The L shaped standing desk will occupy a lot more space than a regular standing desk. So, if you’ve been using a regular standing desk and you are upgrading to an L shape stand desk, don’t expect the former space where your old desk has been to be enough for the new desk—you may have to rearrange a bit. Check that you have extra space in your room for an L shaped desk. It is perfect for installation in corners, so move around some stuff to free up space in this area of your office.

How much equipment and materials will you need the L shaped standing desk to handle?

Consider everything that you use to do your work in any given day. Computer tower? Multiple monitors? A desk organizer? Other accessories? Once you have taken these into consideration:

  • Check if the desk top can hold everything. If not, you may have to check for extra storage and accessories such as monitor arms.
  • Check if the desk’s weight capacity will be able to match and handle the weight of all the items you need to place on the desk. Make sure not to overload the desk or it might break down and get damaged.

What is the height range and operating speed of the desk?

While the desk’s weight capacity has to match the weight of all the materials you will place on it, its height range should be able to match and accommodate your height. After all, this is the whole point of having an adjustable standing desk. Apart from that, check the speed of the desk as it moves between heights. You’ll want faster speed to ensure that there won’t be a lot of waiting time on your end when shifting from one height to another. This way, you can keep working without distractions.

We hope the questions above are helpful in helping you decide whether it’s time to shift to an L shaped standing desk. Once you have decided it’s time, find a high-quality desk to give your lifestyle and your space the boost they deserve.

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