Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in and Using an L Shaped Standing Desk

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Want to try the sit-stand lifestyle and looking at getting an L shaped standing desk? This desk is a variation of the regular ergonomic sit-stand desk. It’s similar in many ways in terms of function and use, except that it is designed in the shape of the letter L, giving it more surface area for holding all of your work equipment.

Whether it is your first time to try a standing desk or you’ve been using one but want to upgrade to a new desk, make sure you make the shift properly. Avoid the most common mistakes people make when trying an L shaped standing desk to make your experience smooth, easy, and fun.

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What common mistakes do you need to avoid when trying an L shaped standing desk?

Below is a combination of mistakes most people make before and after buying an L shaped standing desk. Take note of these so you can avoid them.

Not measuring the size of your space

The L shaped standing desk is a bit bigger than a regular standing desk and will occupy more space because of its shape. When replacing your old desk or your regular standing desk with an L shaped desk, be sure to check the measurements and specifications of the desk. Find a dedicated spot for it in your office (a corner space will be a great spot) and measure the space to make sure the desk will fit.

Failing to check provisions for storage

Sure, an L shaped standing desk has more surface area than your old desk, but there are instances when your work equipment and materials will still be a lot more than the desk can handle. Make sure you allot space for storage or you get an L shaped desk with built-in storage. This will go a long way in keeping your space tidy.

Not setting the desk to the correct height

An L shaped standing desk is not only a bigger, wider desk—it is a standing desk, first and foremost. And, the only way you can get the most out of it is by ensuring that you set it to the correct standing height. Otherwise, an incorrect height can mean bad posture, back pain, and other inconveniences.

Failing to check weight capacity

While most L shaped standing desks can handle more weight than regular standing desks, it’s still best to pay attention to the exact load capacity and make sure you match it with the weight of all your work equipment. This way, you protect the desk from premature damage.

Jumping right into the sit-stand lifestyle without giving yourself time to adjust

This goes for individuals who are trying the sit-stand lifestyle for the first time. Whether it’s an L shaped standing desk or a regular standing desk you are using, be sure to go into the lifestyle thoughtfully—at the right pacing. Give yourself time to adjust to make the experience sustainable and comfortable.

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Are you ready to upgrade to an L shaped standing desk? Remember the points above and make sure you find a high-quality L shaped desk for you and your space.

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