Warehouse Move-In Update

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Happy first day of June, MG Fam!

And just like that, we’re here at the new warehouse! A lot has happened during the past month, all good things, and we’re excited to share some of the recent developments on the move to our new home.

So first up—we’ve arrived where we want to be! Work is still ongoing, but we’re definitely enjoying our new space and excited to see what amazing things await us here. And in the process of the big move, we’ve also been learning a lot. And we’re here to share those lessons!

Lesson 1: The value of creating a space of calm, joy, and positivity

A big part of the work we've been doing is to create a space that will fit the whole team, one that has the right energy to help us stay creative, productive, and well. Take a look at some before and after photos below.

The Old Space:

office interior

office interior

The New Space:

white office interior

office stairs

We love the white walls, and all that light! We’re pretty excited to be here!

Lesson 2: The value of doing work that we love and believe in

Here in MotionGrey, we’re pretty clear about what impact we want to create in the life of the people we serve. We want to help them live their best life through a healthy lifestyle. Understanding this has helped each of us embrace and love every working day.

Click this LINK for a sneak peek into a typical day at the warehouse.

Lesson 3: The value of being with a great team

This move wouldn’t have been possible without the support of each member of the MotionGrey team, and we’re just happy to be sharing the great energy with each other and with all the people who support us. As a team, we recognize the uniqueness of each one of us and understand how each one’s personality and strength contribute to the group.

We value each other, we value the group and the work that we do, and we value all of the people we serve. We’re happy to be here. Here’s our core team being happy and goofy during one of the earlier days at the warehouse:

motiongrey team

Cheers to the beginning of new adventures!

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