Review: Standing Desk Motor – Single Motor vs. Dual Motor

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Shopping for a new standing desk in Canada? There are several things you would want to consider when in the market for a new sit-stand desk, and one of the primary things you should look into is the standing desk motor. It is the motor that powers the desk and enables it to move up or down with just a single press of a button. Standing desks come in either a single motor or a dual motor, and the motor affects the desk’s load capacity and lifting speed, among others.

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So which should you go for? Here we’ll take a look at two MotionGrey standing desks and compare their motor and features—the Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk with a single motor and the Motion Series Standing Desk with dual motors. Let’s dig in!

Standing Desk Motor Review: Motion Ergo2 Series vs Motion Series

When choosing between a single motor and a dual motor, here are some of the things you must check:

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Load capacity

This is especially important if you plan on putting some heavy stuff on the desk—you’d want a desk and motor than can handle some serious weight. When it comes to load capacity, a dual motor standing desk usually wins. Many standing desk reviews and tests in Canada show that those with dual motors can handle more weight in general.

This is true when it comes to the Motion Ergo2 and the Motion Series. The Ergo2 Series Standing Desk (single motor) has a lifting capacity of 176lbs while the Motion Series Standing Desk (dual motor) can lift up to 250lbs. However, weight capacity is not the only thing you must consider.

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Lifting Speed

Your standing desk can hold much weight, but how fast can it move up or down as it carries that weight day in and day out? This can be a bit tricky, and standing desk design plays a huge part in the performance of the desk.

Most standing desks in Canada would come with the information of their lifting speed, but apart from this, you’d also want to check the desk’s speed consistency and stability when it moves, especially relative to its height and weight.

Some desks can move faster even when carrying heavy weight, but only up to a certain height. As it approaches the max height level, you might notice the desk slowing down and wobbling. The key is to find a desk that will remain consistent and steady throughout various heights.

You will notice that while the Motion Series desk has higher weight capacity at 200lbs and bigger height range between 25” and 50”, it is slower at 1.5”/sec compared to the Ergo2 Series' 0.8”/sec but lower weight capacity of 176lbs and much limited height range between 28.72” and 46.45”.

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The key, really, is to check what your daily needs from the standing desk would be and to find the one that will meet those specific needs. Checking standing desk reviews in Canada can also help you determine which desk will perfectly fit you and your lifestyle. If weight capacity is important for you, then a dual motor standing desk will be a great pick. If, however, you don’t see the desk needing to handle much weight and you value the speed by which the desk can adjust to your sitting or standing needs, then a single motor standing desk might just be the right one.

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Comparison Table of the Single Motor and Dual Motor Standing Desk

  Type of Motor Load Capacity Lifting Speed Height Range
Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk  Single Motor 176lbs
between 28.72” and 46.45”
Motion Series Standing Desk - Dual Motor Dual German Bosch Motors 250lbs
between 25” and 50”


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