Signs It's Time to Upgrade to an Ergonomic Office Chair

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Is prolonged sitting causing extra discomfort? Have you started to suffer from back pain after a long day at work? It’s time to move more. Alternate between sitting and standing. Get up from your chair and do regular stretches. Find opportunities to walk around your space. Try a standing desk. And if you feel it’s time to replace your old office chair, don’t forget to get an ergonomic office chair.

Canada has been seeing a growing number of offices being turned into ergonomic spaces recently, and ergonomic chairs and standing desks have become important fixtures in these spaces. Make sure you try them, too.

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your office chair?

Has it become less enjoyable to sit on your office chair? Are you starting to notice excessive wear and tear on your old chair? When deciding whether to replace your old chair or not, there are three general things to consider.

Your Sitting Comfort

If sitting on your chair has started to cause discomfort or pain, this could mean the chair has lost its capacity to support your body. Maybe the foam padding has become degraded over time. Or the lumbar support is no longer working as efficiently as it used to. When using your chair, pay attention to any back, neck, or leg pain that develops as a result of prolonged sitting. These are indications that your chair may have lost the ability to perform its function well.

The Chair’s Functionality

An ergonomic chair is equipped with several adjustability features, from the seat height and armrest height to the backrest angle and tilt. If you notice that certain features are no longer working—if the backrest adjustment has become limited or the height of the seat keeps dropping slowly while you are seated on it—these are signs that the chair may have been past its prime date.

Also check for any creaking and noise that the chair makes as you shift your weight, or adjust it, as these are indications of wear and tear.

The Chair’s Aesthetics

Perhaps the chair is still working well but the leather has worn or has developed tears over time. Perhaps there were stains you were not able to remove that now make the chair look shabby and unsightly. Keeping your office looking professional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing is important to creating a good working atmosphere, so torn and stained chairs must be fixed, or replaced in case fixing is not an option.

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Apart from all these considerations, also consider the age of the chair. If it’s been with you for many years and you’ve gotten the most use of it, then it might be time to retire it and consider choosing a new one from the different ergonomic chairs available in the market.

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