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Happy New Year, MG fam!

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What new goals are you setting for this year? If you’re someone who envisions a healthier you this 2023, then we’re one with you! And, we’re happy to share one healthy habit we’d like to develop and practice this year—to move more, naturally! Everyday movement is key to staying healthy, but many people find it a challenge to move more given their busy schedule. But we have good news: there is a way to incorporate movement to your day-to-day schedule without consuming additional time. This is what an electric standing desk is built for.

The popularity of ergonomics in Canada and why you need to start thinking about it, too!

Going to the gym, or on a run, or exercising a number of times a week—these are some of the most popular resolutions people make during the New Year. However, a 2018 study showed that only 8% of individuals achieve the goals they set during the New Year. So how do you make sure you achieve yours? The answer is to make it easy for you. Remove any hindrance to achieving your goal right from the start.

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If more movement is your goal in 2023 and time is limiting you from achieving it, make moving easy. Design your space so that it encourages you to move more. In your workspace, one of the most effective ways to do this is through ergonomics—designing spaces to make them movement friendly and adding ergonomic furniture such as a sit stand desk.

Canada has seen some real progress in the area of ergonomics. There is a growing number of companies offering ergonomic options for home and office use, all working to help Canadians incorporate more natural movement into their day-to-day life. The Association of Canadian Ergonomists has also been continuously working to raise awareness and promote best ergonomic practices among the Canadian public.

Why shift to a standing desk?

When it comes to redesigning your workspace to make it more ergonomic, one of the first things you can do is to replace your traditional desk with a standing desk. Canada businesses are now making the shift to sit stand desks because they have been proven to offer benefits both to employees and employers.

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Traditional Office Desk vs. Standing Desk

The main advantage standing desks offer over traditional desks is their adjustability. While regular office desks are fixed in height, the stand-up desks you’ll find in Canada can be adjusted from a lower to a higher height. Each electric standing desk is built with a keypad in it, and you can easily adjust the desk’s height from this centralized pad. You can even preset a certain height, and the memory keypad will save it so that you can easily access that height with just one press of a button the next time you need to use the desk.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

So why invest in a standing desk? The reasons are many, ranging from individual benefits for personal users to group benefits for employers. Let’s take a look at three general benefits offered by standing desks:

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Health Benefits

A sedentary lifestyle is one of modern man’s worst enemies. How can not doing something cause so much harm, you may ask.

Well, studies show that inactivity can cause a lot of health troubles. One study finds that lack of physical activity can cause a high level of fat in the blood, as well as the body’s resistance to insulin. Staying in a seated position for too long also keeps blood and oxygen from flowing optimally throughout the body, and this can lead to different other health conditions. Numbness on your muscles and back pain after a long day at work are just some of the symptoms of sedentariness. If you experience any of these, check the amount of movement you do at work. Chances are, you’re not moving enough.

A standing desk will help you shift from sitting to standing position (and back) multiple times a day, putting a break to your sedentary lifestyle and a brake on the possibility of developing harmful health problems.

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Productivity Benefits

Did you know that standing can increase productivity? Not only does it promote circulation around the body, which results in more energy that you can use to do more work, but it also keeps the mind from reaching a state where it’s too comfortable to work.

There is a thin line between a state of mind that is relaxed and ready to work and one where it’s too relaxed and unable to function fully. As you go through your day, you must mindfully navigate between these two states to ensure that you are at your most productive while getting the right amount of rest to keep you energized for the rest of your workday.

Allotting a standing time in your working schedule will allow you to get the best of both so that you end the day with all, or even more, of your work done and accomplished. For more productivity tips, check out this previous blog post.


Cost Benefits

When it comes to cost benefits from standing, employers can look at this in two ways.

  • The amount employers pay for employee healthcare, which according to a 2021 survey amounts to about $3331 annually per employee for employer-sponsored health coverage
  • The amount a business loses from an employee being absent due to illness

If you look at the hefty amount shouldered by employers due to illness-related employee absence and healthcare, it makes absolute sense to invest in standing desks to reduce on business costs. It’s a one-time investment that will definitely pay off year after year.

Looking at all these benefits, the next question would be—which standing desk is right for you? You will find lots of options in the market, ranging from more popular ones life Effy desks to newer desks that offer features at a more affordable costs like the Motion Series desks.

To help you, we have done several comparative reviews of the leading standing desks in Canada. Check out the following:

If you’re looking for more standing desk options, check out our catalog for a complete selection of standing desks, table tops, and standing desk frames. It’s time to make the shift and live a healthier, happier life.

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