The Top 7 Ergonomic Office Chair Features for Back Pain

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Are you suffering from back pain and looking for an ergonomic office chair that can help alleviate the pain? The good news is that there are so many ergonomic chairs available for you to choose from—mesh chairs and leather chairs, low-back and high-back chairs, as well as chairs with several features that are designed to specifically address back pain problems, from the basic ones to the more advanced.

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What Ergonomic Office Chair Features Should You Go for to Address Back Pain Problems?

Let’s take a look at the various ergonomic chair features to help you gain freedom from back pain, from the basic features to the more advanced.

Adjustable Seat Height

All ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in height, but the key to getting the right chair is ensuring that the height range of the chair will be able to accommodate your own height. You will know that you have set the chair to the correct height when you can rest your feet flat on the floor and keep your thighs parallel to the ground when you are seated. This position promotes proper posture and reduces pressure on your spine, keeping your back relaxed and pain free.

Seat Depth and Width

Not a lot of people pay attention to this feature of an ergonomic office chair, but this can determine your overall comfort in the long run. When shopping for an ergonomic chair, choose one with a seat depth and width that can accommodate your body size comfortably. You should be able to sit with your back against the backrest and still have a few inches of space between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

Another more advanced feature you might want to check is what is called synchro-tilt mechanism, a feature in an ergonomic office chair that maintains stability when you recline. In most ergonomic chairs, the backrest and seat pan are connected. When you recline, the movement of the backrest backwards creates a forward movement of the seat pan. In most chairs, you will feel a rocking movement as you do this, sometimes a sensation of falling back, if the seat is not too stable.

The synchro-tilt mechanism helps maintain stability by keeping the backrest and seat pan moving independently of each other, with a 2:1 ratio. Meaning, backrest movement will result in only half a movement of the seat pan, so it won’t have to cause your feet to get lifted off the ground and for you to feel unstable. In the same way, this will keep your back relaxed and comfortable.

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Seat Padding and Material

This might seem like an obvious feature to consider when shopping for an ergonomic office chair, but there is more to seat materials when it comes to comfort. The right office chair material will ensure that you get the right amount of support to keep you working while also maintaining a high level of comfort so that you can focus on the task at hand and stay productive.

Opt for a chair with ample padding and breathable material to provide comfort and prevent pressure points on the back. A mesh ergonomic office chair paired with memory foam padding is a good choice for this.


If you often lean back or recline in your chair, and especially if you work and sit on your chair for long hours, a headrest can provide additional support for your neck and head, reducing strain on your upper back and shoulders. Today, you will find ergonomic chairs with a headrest that is not only adjustable in terms of height but also in the angle of tilt. There are more customization options available to ensure you get the best comfort. This is crucial for keeping your upper back relaxed, including your neck, shoulders, and head.

Adjustable Armrests

Most of the armrests that you will find in an ergonomic office chair are height adjustable, allowing you to keep your arms in a comfortable position and reducing strain on your shoulders and upper back. These are especially helpful when you type extensively, needing extra arm, wrist, and shoulder support. Apart from height adjustable armrests, you will also find 4D armrests that can be moved and adjusted forward and backward, left and right, and diagonally to give you the space and mobility you need, as you need them.

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Lumbar Support

When shopping for an ergonomic office chair, make sure you look for one with an adjustable lumbar support. This is an extra support that is built in some ergonomic chairs, and it can be moved up and down to give you the exact support you need and to maintain the natural curve of your spine. This support helps reduce strain on the lower back.

If the ergonomic chair that you have doesn’t have a lumbar support, you can get an extra lumbar cushion as an alternative accessory.

Adjustable Tilt Tension and Lock

This feature allows you to control the amount of resistance in the chair when reclining, so you can find the right balance between support and freedom of movement. Most ergonomic chairs come with this tilt feature, but the quality of the feature differs among chairs. When looking for the right level of tilt, make sure you get the best of both.

So, are you ready to shop for the right ergonomic office chair to alleviate your back pain? Don’t forget to check the features above when you shop. And, remember to find a high quality ergonomic chair like the one we have here at MotionGrey. Choose from leather and mesh chairs, all of which made with great features and offered at reasonable prices. Browse our catalog to find great options!

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