Review: Regular Rectangular Standing Desk vs. L-Shaped Standing Desk

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Looking to find the best standing desk in Canada but not sure which adjustable desk is right for you? Worry not; let us help you! Here you’ll find several guides on standing desk shopping, with information that will help you find the top standing desks with the features you need. 

Some of the top things to consider when shopping for a standing desk are the motor (single motor, dual motors, even triple motors), the height range, and the lifting capacity. Apart from these, be sure to also check the shape and design of the desk to ensure that it will fit not only your space but also your lifestyle and the look you want to create in your home office.

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A Quick Lesson on Standing Desks

A standing desk is simply an adjustable sit-stand desk that you can use whether sitting or standing, all thanks to its adjustable height that you can control with just a single press of a button. Standing desks often allow users to preset the height (up to 4 different heights), so all you need is to press a button to adjust the desk to the standing or sitting height you prefer. 

This also makes it easier for other users to use the desk and customize it according to their respective height range.

The Two Most Common Shapes of Standing Desks: Rectangular Desks and L-Shaped Desks

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The shape and style of the standing desk you will invest in will determine not only your long-term convenience but also the way you move in your space. There are different standing desk shapes you can choose from, but in this post we’ll focus on the two most common shapes—the regular rectangular standing desk and the L-shaped standing desk.

Both serve the same purpose of allowing you to work while standing, but they offer a different set of benefits.

The Rectangular Standing Desk

Most desks come in this design, and they are offered in different sizes—from small to extra large. The design is basic, simple, and functional. A rectangular desk can serve different purposes. You can use it for work, for gaming, or for doing other activities that require a stable and versatile desk. Use it as a study desk, a drawing desk, a tool desk, you name it.

How do you know if a rectangular desk is right for you?

  • Perfect for beginners in the sit-stand lifestyle
  • Ideal for those who have limited space for their desks
  • A good choice for spaces with different users

If you are new to using standing desks, we recommend that you start with a rectangular desk. Its simplicity makes it easy and uncomplicated to use, so it makes the transition to a sit-stand lifestyle seamless and natural. And, if your space is small, a rectangular standing desk will provide lots of options until you find the right desk size that will match your space. If you’re not the only one using the desk, a rectangular desk is a straightforward desk that will be easy to operate no matter who’s using it.

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The L-Shaped Standing Desk

This is another popular desk for people who find the regular standing desk insufficient for their specific needs. This is a simple desk shaped like the letter L. Imagine two standing desks combined and built into each other at a 90-degree angle—you get the L-shaped desk. One part of the desk is longer than the other, thus the name. Some people would call it the corner desk because it is perfectly installed in a corner of a space. 

How do you know if an L-shaped desk is right for you?

  • Perfect for those who need more surface area from a desk
  • Ideal for those with limited space and a corner to install the desk on
  • A good choice for individuals who want most of the stuff they use within reach

For some people, the surface area of a regular rectangular standing desk simply won’t cut it, and they need more for their stuff. This is when an L-shaped desk comes in real handy. It offers more surface area to place your stuff on, and most L-shaped desks also boast of more lifting capacity because they can have as many as three motors (compared to the single or dual motors found in rectangular desks).

If you have a small room and want to free up the center of the room to make it look and feel more spacious, you can utilize the corner to install an L-shaped desk, adding more space for your stuff without making your space appear crowded. Plus, because of the desk’s shape, it provides easy access to all the things on it.

 effydesk l-shaped standing desk

So which of the two standings desks appears to be the right fit for you? Is it the rectangular standing desk or the L-shaped desk? If you’ve decided which type of desk you’ll get, check the next section for some of the top desks under each type.

Top Rectangular and L-Shaped Standing Desks for You

The following are some of the best standing desks in Canada, both the rectangular and L-shaped desks.

Regular Standing Desks

Motion Series Standing Desk

This is MotionGrey’s flagship desk that features dual motors and up to 250 lbs lifting capacity, perfect for carrying all your important work equipment and more. It has a height range between 23.6” and 49”, average in terms of the highest height but exceptional when it comes to the lowest height—it can accommodate even those who are smaller than your typical users.

To read the complete Motion Series standing desk review, CLICK HERE. MotionGrey also offers extended 2 year warranty for the Motion Series frames on top of the 8-year warranty. 

Ikea Standing Desk

The Ikea Bekant Standing Desk is a budget friendly option for those who want it simple and straightforward, perfect for those who are new in the sit-stand lifestyle. Lift capacity is minimal at ~150 lbs, but it can go even lower than the Motion Series at 22” and up to 48”. One other thing that’s outstanding with the Ikea Bekant is its warranty, which goes as long as 10 years.

For a comparison review of the Ikea Bekant standing desk, CLICK HERE.

Rise Desk

The Rise Desk is another seemingly unassuming player in the market, but it has its great qualities. It comes close to the Motion Series standing desk in terms of lift capacity at 220 lbs, and its desktop comes with a cool anti-fingerprint and heat-resistant feature. It also comes equipped with the usual anti-tilt and collision technology, and the addition of child lock safety—perfect for those who are safety conscious.

For a comparison review of the Rise Desk, CLICK HERE.

Find a complete list of the best standing desks in Canada via this link.

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L-Shaped Standing Desks

Effydesk L-Shaped Desk

This Effy standing desk comes with three motors and can support up to 410 lbs of weight. It has a reinforced three-segment steel frame and a height range of 24” to 50”, able to move between various heights at 35mm/sec and at less than 45 dB of noise. The top comes in 4 different colors while the frame is offered in 3 colors. The desk also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Uplift L-Shaped Standing Desk

This is a powerful desk that can lift weights as heavy as 535 lbs. Like many L-shaped desks, it also comes with 3 motors that operate below 50 dB. The height range (with 1”Desktop) is between 25.3” and 50.9”, and the desk comes with a well sufficient 15 years warranty. The desk is also equipped with advance anti-collision system, and the frame boasts of 88 accessory mounting points, making the desk extra functional.

Flexispot L-Shaped Standing Desk

Unlike the two desks above, the Flexispot Standing Desk comes with only 2 motors and has a slightly minimal height range between 28.9" and 48.2". The desk can weigh 177 lbs, not too much but enough to handle your basic stuff while providing enough space-saving capability. Compared to most L-shaped desks, this one from Flexispot appears to be the most affordable, and it’s sourced from eco-friendly materials.

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There you have it, friends—your complete guide to finding a regular or L-shaped standing desk that will be perfect for your work needs. Ready to shop? Start your search right here! Check our catalog of standing desks and see if there’s one that will fit your lifestyle. 

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