• Move, Move, Move: Your Quick Daily Guide to Moving More

    Move, Move, Move: Your Quick Daily Guide to Moving More

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    Movement—one of the key secrets to a longer, healthier, happier life. But in today’s busy lifestyle of most people, how do you find time to add more movement to your schedule? Well, the secret is not in going for one big activity that will boost your movement but in finding little moments where you can insert movement to build a healthy habit and a...
  • 4 Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Workplace This Summer

    4 Things You Can Do to Optimize Your Workplace This Summer

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    Ah, summer. One of the most awaited seasons of the year. Most people make plans for summer with their family and friends, taking advantage of the warm weather to stay outside and finally get on with activities they couldn’t have done in the colder months. In the workplace, summer is also the best time for managers and business owners to get some things done...
  • Warehouse Move-In Update | Everything we’re learning from the Big Move

    Warehouse Move-In Update

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    Happy first day of June, MG Fam! And just like that, we’re here at the new warehouse! A lot has happened during the past month, all good things, and we’re excited to share some of the recent developments on the move to our new home. So first up—we’ve arrived where we want to be! Work is still ongoing, but we’re definitely enjoying our new...
  • National Creativity Day | 5 Ways to Invite Creativity into Your Life

    National Creativity Day

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    Hello, MG Fam! It’s a special day as we celebrate National Creativity Day, a day of inspiration, energy, and joy. Creativity is a key element to a fulfilling life, a path that allows us to use and engage all our senses and to explore possibilities. And it is not limited to the ‘creative’ arts. The truth is that creativity can spring up even in...
  • 5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

    5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

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    Summer is almost here—who’s excited?! As the season of spring approaches an end, most are excited to welcome this new season of vibrance and adventure. It’s time to plan those summer parties and create those travel itineraries with your families and friends. But, before you get all too excited about your summer plans, make sure you don’t overlook something very important—staying healthy amid all...
  • MotionGrey Update: We’re Moving

    MotionGrey Update: We’re Moving

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    New warehouse, new adventures! Hello, MG Fam! We are excited to share that we’re officially moving to a new warehouse this month! Preparations are underway, and the whole team is looking forward to the Big Move and to what this new chapter in our journey will bring. Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who’ve made this possible. And with this move,...
  • The Real Cost of Back Pain in and out of the Workplace

    The Real Cost of Back Pain in and out of the Workplace

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    Did you know… That back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world? Low back pain, specifically, affects over half a billion people worldwide. It affects people from all walks of life, regardless of social status, gender, or country. One would think industrialization would reduce causes of back pain because we’ve moved away from mostly physical work—but no. While back...
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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    It’s just a few days away before Mother’s Day—have you found the right gift for the special woman in your life? When you browse stores or online shops, you’ll find no shortage of gifts to choose from for your mom or wife, but how do you find just the right gift to show her that you care? Well, gifts tell people different things, and...
  • [Partnership Feature] Made in Canada | Canadian-Made Products and Services for Canadians

    [Partnership Feature] Made in Canada

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    We love local products here at MotionGrey. We believe in supporting and giving back to local businesses and in seeking solutions to our daily needs within our very own community. We’re so happy to have come across a website that features local businesses and works as a repository of all products and services that are Canadian—a one-stop shop for your needs, all from local...
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